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Letters: May 1, 2019

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Tri-City Herald editorial writer Cecilia Rexus gives some pointers about writing letters to the editor.
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Tri-City Herald editorial writer Cecilia Rexus gives some pointers about writing letters to the editor.

Thanks from chief for new building

On behalf of the West Richland Police Department, I would like to thank our community for approving funding for a larger, secure police facility during the recent election. This facility is important to improve policing services and help us meet accreditation standards.

We spent more than a year sharing information with our community about the proposal. That won’t stop now that the election is over. We will continue to update you about the progress being made on the facility construction through our web site, Facebook page, newsletter and the news media.

I heard one of our local community members say that public facilities reflect the quality of a community. Your support for this project is heartening to our officers and me, and will create a structure that reflects the confidence and trust you have bestowed in us.

Ben Majetich, Police Chief, West Richland

NY Times story was ‘patently false’

Friday, April 19, the Tri-City Herald, with a New York Times lead, said on the front page that President Trump was elected with the help of a foreign power. This is a patently false statement that has been refuted by Assistant Attorney General Rosenstein (2-16-2018). There was no tampering OF the election. How many times does that have to be said before false reports like today’s newspapers stop giving lies to the public? The Russians tried to interfere but were not successful nor did any American help them.

President Trump was elected on his own merit and by winning enough votes to win the Electoral College. No foreign power helped him win the election.

Zack Rinderer, Kennewick

Governor ought to be doing his job

I wasn’t aware that the constituents were responsible for the funding for the sitting governor. From what I am hearing, it is not only unconstitutional but illegal. And from what I have read in the paper that he does not think he has to repay any funds back to the people he uses for this campaign. If this is truly unconstitutional and illegal, why isn’t Bob Ferguson pursing this like he does everything else he deems fit. I think we all should take a good look at this. The governor should not be out on the campaign, he should be in Washington state doing his job like he is being paid to do so.

Marilyn Weldon, Kennewick

Disturbing trend with Fox, friends

I'm seeing a disturbing trend going on with Trump supporters and Fox news. The Trump supporter wants you to believe that there was no collusion and that the reason for no conviction on obstruction is because there is no evidence. The truth is there are two reasons for no collusion: one is incompetence and the other is disobedience. As for obstruction, the reason for no charge is because of a long-standing rule that the Justice Department has a rule not to indict a president. The far right wing wants you to believe that because Trump was not charged with a crime; therefore no crime was committed. We as Americans need to vote Trump out of office and pass a law requiring presidential candidates to release their tax returns so we don't ever have a Trump-like president again.

Dutch Van Der Linde, West Richland