Letters to the Editor

Letters: April 28, 2019

Needle exchange: Address addiction

Finding a new home for the needle exchange program is generating some controversy in the Tri-Cities, and with good reason, as it is a half measure with potentially bad outcomes. While the near-term benefits of such a program in preventing the spread of disease are clear, the long-term impact is less clearly beneficial. Needle exchange programs are not humane for the people who have to navigate their way through drugged bodies camping on the sidewalks and other public places and who are negatively impacted by the petty crime usually necessary to support a drug habit. And such programs are certainly not humane for the poor souls addicted to drugs and left to otherwise die on the sidewalks. While I can laud the empathy of those organizing the needle exchange program, I think they need to up their game and help addicts overcome their addictions, not enabling it. How this programs fits in with a larger strategy to address drug addiction needs clarification.

I refer everyone to the documentary “Seattle is Dying,” produced by KOMO in Seattle, for a better understanding of the issues involved and their potential solutions.

Tom Patten, Richland

Trumbo censure raises concerns

Since coming to Kennewick in 1990, I have naively believed its elected city officials have been basically honest. Reading the online TCH account of five members of the City Council censuring Councilman John Trumbo for expressing an ethical concern of another councilman makes me wonder if the five have something to hide.

Admittedly, my knowledge of this matter is quite limited. I suspect most honest people who were innocent of wrongdoing would welcome investigation that would clear their name. I was pleased that the Benton County Sherriff’s Office investigated and found the rumor to be without merit.

But the censuring of a councilman over an honest concern makes me wonder if the five councilmen fear exposure of some kind.

Dick Stone, Kennewick

Corrupt process not big surprise

The new light shed on college scandals doesn’t make my jaw drop. Frankly, I’m unfazed. As a college student, I might be expected to be outraged by this “scandal.” Frankly, I feel indifferent about it. The fact that the wealthy will do whatever it takes to “succeed” is not surprising. This scandal is just another display of monetary privilege the rich use. Yes, I am aggravated that the rich once again use their socioeconomic position to stomp on everyone else on their way to the top. But did we all really think college institutions operate without corruption? If so, I envy your naivety. Yes, I’m outraged that Olivia Jade is so spoiled that she continues to complain on Twitter about attending classes. Yes, I am disgusted that her mother bribed her daughter’s way into a prestigious university. Am I surprised that money can buy a student’s way into college? Not at all. If this isn’t another example of how heavily our nation revolves around money, then please enlighten me.

My only hope is that institutions be less money hungry and more merit hungry. Wouldn’t that be a nice world? Seems I’m falling into my own naivety. Well, a girl can hope.

Carli Ramos, Kennewick

Apology due after Mueller report

Where are the apologies? Have you no shame? The Mueller Report concluded the Trump campaign did not collude with Russia! The obsessed media lied to us for three years! The media (conspiring with Democrats) purposefully defrauded us with the collusion hoax to paralyze President Trump with endless investigations (and to cover-up FBI criminality).

If the media are to regain our trust, they must immediately apologize, fire Trump haters, burn their sources, stop publishing left-wing propaganda, crazed accusations, faux outrage and begin reporting truthfully and honestly about Trump’s accomplishments (instead of 90 percent negative coverage). We need accountability now!

Who directed the corrupt FBI swamp-dwellers to not charge Hillary with espionage, engineered the release of a Hillary-funded phony dossier, lied to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, and attempted to frame Trump with a non-existent crime? Identify collaborators in the Clinton campaign, Obama DOJ, FBI, and CIA, and Democrat Party that perpetrated this hoax and illegally spied on the Trump campaign! This was an orchestrated coup attempt of the “resistance” movement! Prosecute and imprison participants for treason!

A Pulitzer Prize is awaiting the investigative journalist who can answer the question, “What did Obama and Hillary know and when did they know it?”

Karl A. Hadley, Burbank

Sen. Walsh: Give thanks for nurses

To Sen. Walsh I say, thank God for nurses!

Having a job dealing with life-and-death situations, nasty bodily issues, belligerent patients, etc., would run most of us off. And now Maureen wants to exempt smaller hospitals from breaks and overtime, amazing. It’s already hard enough to get nurses to work in smaller towns. If she’s worried over patient coverage, have their administrators stagger their breaks and if that can’t happen, hire a new administrator.

Washington code protects rest breaks, meal breaks and overtime for workers, so why discriminate against nurses? I got my breaks and overtime over the years and they should too. Overtime was to be a punishment to employers so more people would be hired, a great idea when dealing with important high-stress jobs. When I’m in the hospital, I like healthcare professionals focused and happy from getting a much-needed return to stressless normalcy.

Did the senator consider how many working people helped get her a job, with breaks, before she spit in their faces?

Senator, if you really feel this way, you are not simply out of touch, but unqualified to have the job working people sent you to do. Shame on you, senator!

Randall Gosseen, Kennewick

What’s magical about being 21?

So the lawmakers voted to raise the smoking age to 21. What's so "magic" about 21? Why not 25 or 50? Apparently, none of them worked their way through college. Are they going to tell an adult, man/woman, struggling to squeeze college classes, a full-time job and homework into every day that it's illegal for them to take a smoke break?! Good luck. (There goes respect for the law; are they trying to create criminals?)

Lester Hass, Kennewick

Time for apology; take responsibility

It seems that political officials are having an increasingly harder time apologizing and accepting responsibility. Certainly our president has shown no ability to take responsibility for his continuous false and misleading statements. Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota has not corrected herself or apologized for outrageous comments made at the CAIR event last month concerning 9/11. And now it has become local with the disturbing saga of John Trumbo on the Kennewick City Council “doubling down” on his recent investigation of a rumor concerning fellow council member Steve Lee, which was found to be baseless. Did these people not grow up?

To quote the Herald story of 4/17, “Trumbo told the detective he heard the rumor from a downtown Kennewick business leader, who heard it from the owner of a Richland business, who heard it from his own employee, who heard it from a then-girlfriend who once worked at Green2Go.” Are you kidding me? Am I back on the school playground investigating a fifth grader’s hurt feelings? Obviously John Trumbo missed the lesson on what we do when we hear rumors. It appears Trumbo has his own agenda and is lacking good judgment. Is he man enough to apologize?

Gordon M. Johnson, Kennewick

Be a patriot, pay for wall, Trump

Based on President Trump’s amazing record of honesty, I believe him when he says building a border wall is an emergency. But finding $8 billion-plus to build it is a problem. Three suggestions for where some wall money might be found:

1. The president is very wealthy and pays little or no tax ( “only stupid people pay taxes”). Given his tremendous patriotism and generosity, he could make a payment in lieu of taxes, earmarking it for this wall.

2. I’m sure most of the president’s friends, family members and members of his clubs are very wealthy, patriotic, concerned about the border and also too smart to pay taxes. Maybe they would also donate for the best wall ever.

3. Abolish Congress using the money currently spent on senators, representatives, their staffs, etc. for the wall. Congress has failed to function as an equal independent branch of government for over 20 years. In 2017 and 2018, Congress, even abandoned the pretense of being equal or independent by flaunting their their subservience to the executive and enthusiastically demonstrating their role as the administration’s clowns and pooper scoopers. Congress is superfluous.

Brett Menaker, Kennewick

NY Times story just ‘flat wrong’

Your April 19 front page headline and article is stunning in its incongruity. For two years, the major media, including the New York Times, which wrote the article, have been flat wrong due to their blind hatred for Trump. Rather than admitting to their lies about "collusion" and apologizing, the media (yes, that includes you) sidestep from "collusion" to "obstruction" and continue the caterwauling.

David Garber, West Richland