Letters to the Editor

Letters: April 17, 2019

Capital gains tax to benefit schools

The capital gains tax is an investment in schools.

Closing the tax break on capital gains means we can invest more into programs in schools so we can work with kids in more groups based on individual needs. Kids learn at different levels. My son is in first grade, and I’m an active volunteer at his school.

Closing this tax break will help balance our upside-down tax code, while also investing in needed priorities — from early learning and K-12 education to special education and financial aid for college students— that we know will lead to thriving communities. Our current upside-down tax code has working families paying more and more while preventing us from being able to make those investments. With capital gains, 0.4 percent of the wealthiest Washingtonians will pitch in a little bit more to invest in thriving communities. Educating the next generation is my responsibility as a parent, and our responsibility as a community.

Closing the tax break on capital gains is going to help balance our tax code and provide funding to invest in our kids. It shouldn’t be a tough choice to make.

Desirae Hernandez, Kennewick

Our democracy is being destroyed

Even though Russia has been trying to undermine our democracy, we really don’t need them under the present administration. Our democracy is being destroyed from within by the Trump Administration and the old entrenched, inflexible establishment, which is more interested in the status quo and their agenda than what is good for the American people and the issues that face this country in these times of change.

Norms have been broken, Congress has been left out of important information, checks on presidential power seem nonexistent, security ethics have not been followed, and foreign policies have been reckless. The constant rhetoric of hate, untruths and profanity from our president has caused a lack of trust in the future for those who believe in a just and fair America for ALL.

This leaves our government vulnerable to hostile forces who may attempt to outmaneuver us because we are viewed as fractured, weak and unprepared.

Is this what our founding fathers wanted for our republic?

Sharon Van Houdt, Richland

‘Our Planet’ is TV worth watching

David Attenborough and his team have knocked another one outta the park with “Our Planet,” available on Netflix. I encourage everyone who cares about our world to watch it. Besides being spellbinding, it is troubling.

It is unsettling to learn how we have and continue to damage our precious oceans. Activities like dragging nets destroy the seabeds and disrupt all layers in our food chain. Overfishing has caused several once-rich fisheries to decline, some to the point of collapse.

When I was young, I read the Rudyard Kipling book, “Captains Courageous” and watched the Spencer Tracy movie. It talked about the abundant cod fishery in the Grand Banks off the New England coast. Overfishing destroyed that resource!

The good news is this harmful activity can be reversed, if we act in time. I have been alive 3/4th of a century. Sadly, it has been during my lifetime that the most serious damage was done. Please call, write letters, send texts, tweet or however you want to reach out to those who can force corrective action. If I live to be 96, the same age as my father, we will have stories, like the recovery of the whales, to share. Please, do it now!

Richard Olsen, Prosser