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Letters: March 10, 2019

Want to write a letter to the editor? Here are some tips

Tri-City Herald editorial writer Cecilia Rexus gives some pointers about writing letters to the editor.
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Tri-City Herald editorial writer Cecilia Rexus gives some pointers about writing letters to the editor.

Are we really that stupid in U.S.?

Who cares what the President is up to? America voted him in. He’s only here for four years, what’s the big deal? No one agrees with everything, and money is always the problem.

A man gets fired and he shoots his co-workers. And he was a felon and wasn’t supposed to be able to get a gun, but he did. People shoot people everywhere these days. In schools, malls, churches, colleges, in the cities, everywhere!

And finally, young women leave the United States and travel abroad to marry terrorists and bear their children. Then the husbands get killed or jailed, and the women are very, very sorry and remorseful and want to come back to the U.S. with their children.

Really? Are we really that stupid?

When your terrorist husband was with you, you supported him fully. Now he is jailed or killed, you want to run home to mommy and daddy!

Watch out America, some bleeding heart will let ISIS wives return to spread their hate and pollute our ideas of freedom.

How many people will it take to close our southern borders and the like, before DSHS and food stamp programs go out of business forever?

Cary D. Moon, Kennewick

Value all children even before birth

The front page article on Sunday, Feb. 17, outlining and lamenting the destruction and death of our youth and children struck at the hearts of good parents everywhere, I am sure. As the mother of six and grandmother of several more children, my heart aches for the parents and families of young ones whose lives have been snuffed out. Heck, we parents worry when our offspring are sick, hurt or in danger of any kind! I can only imagine how gut wrenching it must be to prematurely lose your child.

While my heart goes out to all those that have had to go through that horrendous experience, I couldn’t help but think of all the millions of children that were silently absent from that roll call. Those whose lives have been ripped from them by the one person who should have been their greatest defender, their mother. Yes, I am referring to abortion. As long as we live in a society that devalues life from conception, how can we expect it to value life after birth. The only difference between the unborn and born children is time and development! It is time to love all of our children and value all life!

Marie Noble, Kennewick

Why wait until snow to do work?

Why does the City of Richland Public Works Department wait until after the “Perfect Storm(s)” to maintain the heavily traveled and congested Public Roadways?

For example today the Queensgate overpass is like an ice arena, and no effort has been expended by the city Public Works & Road Maintenance Department to reduce risk by plowing, sanding, de-icing application.

What do my tax dollars get spent on?

The COR Code Enforcement Department has the resources to harrass me about my snow removal equipment and recycling/waste containers being within ten(10) feet of the unused sidewalk in front of my house and residence!

What malfeasance, illogical, unreasonable and unsafe deployment of my resources! I wish to furnish photos of of above-mentioned concerns.

Richard Jordal, WA Mechanical Professional Engineer, Richland

Renewables fall short during cold

The article, “Richland nuclear plant kept under order to heat frigid Northwest“ (TC Herald, March 1), highlights the fallacy of the push to go to 100 percent renewably generated electricity. During severe cold spells, wind and solar electricity production is minimal. Keeping the lights and heat on during these spells requires almost total reliance on non-renewable generation sources, such as fossil fuel and nuclear. These are the only sources that can produce regardless of weather conditions. (Hydro is not considered renewable by many environmental purists because of the alleged environmental damage caused by dams.)

Until there is cost-effective technology for storage of renewably generated electricity that can be drawn from over long periods during such spells, the quest for 100 percent renewables is a pipe dream peddled by politicians (like our governor), green energy industry lobbyists and other hucksters.

Richard Engelmann, Richland

Make tests relevant

Every year in public schools, students are dragged in to taking state mandated testing and I believe this needs to be stopped or severely changed. These state tests show up on students desks where they are forced to take them in order to pass a class. Often times these tests have nothing to do with what students are actually learning at that time and rather are just a group of weirdly worded questions that they give up on comprehending and then proceeding to choose a random answer. If the state government decides that these tests are actually necessary, they should charge them to make them actually relevant to what they learn and easier to understand, or else they should be canceled altogether.

Austin Blacketer, Richland

You could look up narcississism

Narcissistic personality disorder; has excessive feelings of self-importance; reacts to criticism with rage; takes advantage of other people; disregards the feelings of other; preoccupied with fantasies of success,power, beauty and intelligence.

Look it up.

Jack Dawson, Pasco

Reconsider GWW project work

The upcoming George Washington Way resurfacing project is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to remove a barrier that divides Richland neighborhoods. All we need is paint, which we’re paying for anyway.

Houses east of GWay cost $50,000 more than the same house west of GWay. That’s what blocking access to the river with GWay costs. The Safeway strip mall is about half occupied. Uptown businesses need more customers. Central Richland neighborhoods are declining; violent crime is up. Arterial streets isolate neighborhoods, limiting their potential.

Richland has made great improvements since adopting the Complete Streets ordinance. The crosswalk at John Dam Plaza makes our community safer, encouraging more people to participate in events like Live @5. I’m sure city engineers are looking at how to improve GWay after the resurfacing makes a blank canvass.

Pedestrian and bike-friendly design makes economic sense. Cyclists don’t take up much room, pedestrians even less, but their money’s still green. Hundreds of people use Leslie Groves Park every day. They could be walking and biking a block or three west patronizing the businesses. Let’s reimagine GWay, from a highway that zooms Kennewick and Pasco residents to PNNL, to a boulevard that Richlanders enjoy spending time and money in.

Francesca Maier, Richland

High court twisted our Constitution

Joy Rasch needs to reread my letter. If you’re compassionate-hearted and have lost someone very close to you, this will affect a decision to terminate life.

She should research how quickly “blobs” develop arms and legs, sense pain and move about in the womb. At what point does this “blob” become a human being?

The Declaration of Independence tells us that we’re endowed by our creator with certain unalienable rights such as life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Creation life begins in the womb, not after birth! Government doesn’t have authority to grant taking of innocent life. Government was instituted to protect life, not take it!

It may be your body but it is unlawful for you to consume illegal drugs. The Bible forbids stealing, killing. The Bible existed years before this Nation was formed and laws passed. Was the Bible written from our laws or was our laws about stealing and killing taken from the Bible? That’s religion! The Government can tell you what you can do. Taking innocent life within the womb isn’t the woman’s body. It’s another human within!

Supreme Court Justices twisted the Constitution to please some people instead of upholding it.

John Faulkner, Richland

Later start

School should not start as early as it does. Why does elementary start at 8:10 and middle school at 8 a.m? Teenage bodies need sleep. Sleep can help then through school because they will feel more awake. Finally, they don’t have to be in a rush to school. Hopefully you will consider this message.

Jack Judi, Kennewick