Letters to the Editor

Letters: March 7, 2019

Economy already was recovering

For whatever reason, possibly fatigue, the mainstream media have stopped challenging Trump’s assertions that he created the current strong economy. Fact is he has simply been a beneficiary of the economic recovery initiated in August of 2008 by Bush43 (though Bush43 broke it in the first place) and Bernanke, and then maintained and expanded by President Obama and Fed Chairperson Janet Yellen.

Job creation is generally a useful parameter to reflect the strength of the economy. Starting a few years after the Bush collapse to the present, a monthly increase of about 200,000 jobs has been typical. The December, 2018, increase of 312,000 was impressive, but that number was revised downward by 90,000 when the initial January 2019, number was released. That revision is significantly atypical. Makes one wonder if the Labor Department is stacking the deck for Trump?

It should be noted that corporations did very well from Trump’s tax cut, paid for by borrowing $1.5 trillion from our descendants, though there was absolutely no need for this stimulus, other than as a gift to Trump’s corporate benefactors. The after-effect of that stimulus, along with a weakening global economy, will soon reveal the strength, or weakness, of Trump’s hand on the tiller. Stay tuned and watch this space.

Martin Bensky, Richland

Look at Trump acts on MLK Day

To those of you who consider President Trump to be racist, you’re right: on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Trump visited the MLK Jr. Memorial in Washington, D.C.; two of the special guests at Trump’s State of the Union address were African American, one of whom had been pardoned by Trump; during his State of the Union address, Trump said he would like to welcome as many immigrants as possible to our country, so long as they respected our laws and immigrated legally. So you’re right, these are definitely the actions of a racist person.

Kaleb Fisler, Kennewick

Thanks for sports tourney coverage

Thanks to the Herald, and to Jeff Morrow, for the recent articles about the local high schools’ basketball tournament games. While this coverage was nowhere near as good as the Herald used to do “back in the day,” it surely was a big improvement over what you were doing a few months ago (when your timely coverage of local sports was almost nonexistent). I hope that you will continue to expand and improve in this area.

John L. Swanson, Richland

Climate change

When it comes to the impact of the global climate one could look at ocean-atmosphere phenomenons such as El Niño and La Niña as a couple of the causes. Both disrupt normal weather patterns, which as a result can lead to intense storms in some places and droughts in others.

Ancient Civilizations in the Americas took their crop production seriously. The Aztec’s, Mayan’s, Olmec’s, Inca’s, Chimu’s and to a lesser degree the Moche’s when their civilizations were faced with climate change of either too much (flooding) or too little (drought) rain they turned to their leaders for guidance.

Every day we watch the Democrat tribe wanting to reach into our pockets and spend our money on their climate change nonsense. This is where if you don’t agree with them they attack your common sense. Tell me, I’m wrong.

Evan Meacham, Kennewick