Letters to the Editor

Letters: Feb. 21, 2019

Great ‘Newsies’ by Hanford High

Shout out to the Hanford Drama/Music production of the musical, “Newsies!” They persevered through several weather-related issues and did an amazing performance. Kudos to all involved in this high-energy, illuminating evening. The HHS orchestra deserves a special nod for their hours of practice to bring this to the community. It really does “take a village.” Go Hugh!.

Henri Graves, Richland

‘Snowmaggedon’ brings out our best

The beauty of the Tri-Cities wasn’t just increased by the addition of a white blanket this past week, but also by the acts of kindness performed by neighbors, strangers, friends and family. It warms my snowbound heart to see people reaching out to help without expectation of payment or recognition. This demonstration of goodness reminds me that we Americans can come together to help each other in times of need without concern for race, religion, political affiliation, gender orientation or socioeconomic status.

A great big thank you to all of the emergency responders, medical personnel, city governments, school districts and especially the road maintenance crews for working so hard to keep everyone safe.

Also sending a great big shout out to the City of West Richland for doing a stellar job keeping their roads clear. Even with limited equipment, they made sure that every slight incline was de-iced and sanded. They got most of the horribly snowed in cul-de-sacs cleared out in a timely manner and even the mayor was out in his ATV plowing out other people’s driveways.

Kudos to the people in this area for doing good.

Christina Maughan, West Richland

Wall won’t solve immigration mess

The U.S. needs a better relationship with Mexico. And putting up a wall will not do this. The wall needs to be put up at the lower border of Mexico. That will protect both the U.S. and Mexico. We need a better immigration system that will allow Mexican workers to come to the U.S. to work in the fields.

Someday, I would like to see Mexico become another part of the USA like Hawaii and Alaska.

Why are all the people trying to come across the border? Are they paid to do it? Is there a disease they are running from? Is their country that bad? Immigration needs doctors and nurses at the border to check all sickness that comes in this country. Who is feeding them on their long march?

Rodney Matteson, Kennewick

About the end of Non Sequitur

Thank you for dropping Non Sequitur from the Herald. If the cartoonist really wants to express frustration w/POTUS/LOTUS/SCOTUS, run out and lay down in the street, or threaten to fling yourself off a cliff as I often do. You can poke some fun at any and/or all of those government sections, but please use humor instead of rage for those of us who are looking for a needed laugh/chuckle. We get enough rage and anger from every newsfeed from the ultra left and everything in between and ultra right. Please just publish that which puts a smiley face on our heads. So glad we’ve renewed our subscription.

James Mead, Prosser