Letters to the Editor

Letters: Feb. 10, 2019

Climate change is issue of century

Recently in this paper there was a letter to the editor with a laughable premise, internal logic and conclusion. The author of said letter, Evan Meacham, talks about various climate and weather events in an attempt to support his premise that climate change is a natural phenomenon and is only caused by humans to a small degree. He then alleges that the concern about climate change is just a way for poor countries to extract wealth from rich countries, and that politicians are exaggerating climate change for some nefarious purpose.

Evan, with his words, has shown his ignorance on the subject of climate change. He ignores the vast amounts of science that show the reality of climate change, the catastrophic effects of warming and how urgent the crisis of climate change really is: According to a 2018 IPCC report, we have until 2030 to reduce CO2 emissions below 2010 levels and until 2050 to reduce net CO2 emissions to 0 in order to remain below 1.5°C above pre-industrial average global temperatures. Climate change is real and is much more urgent than Evan’s letter would have you believe. It is, in fact, the defining issue of the century.

Matthew Sakamoto, Kennewick

MLK Day words were inspiring

Thanks to Ed Frost and Jordan Chaney for their inspiring words about Martin Luther King, Jr. Ed gave the keynote speech at CBC for MLK Day on Jan. 21, and Jordan had an opinion piece published in the Herald on Jan. 20.

Jordan wrote, “Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a force of nature so dedicated to the healing of humanity that during the Civil Rights Movement, he probably knew that there was a bullet with his name on it.” Ed said, “The best example of Dr. King’s courage of his convictions was a speech he gave in 1967 entitled “Beyond Vietnam.” His speech, in opposition to the Vietnam War, was so controversial he lost support from blacks and whites alike.

Let’s not forget the lessons learned from Dr. King. Today, the way to push racist ideologies on the average American is to slip it in beneath other issues like immigration, crime, affirmative action and tax reform, resulting in Americans electing someone who embodies those ideals. Enough!

As Ed said, “Today each of us has that same choice that Dr. King had regarding the troubles of our times. We can play it safe or we can speak out, knowing that we might alienate others. Each of us has a choice.”

Christy Watts, Kennewick

Build wall, put Pelosi in time out

Build the wall.

Put Pelosi in a time out.

John Trumbo, Kennewick

Questions about ‘hate’ for Trump

William Hansen (1/20) asks the question, “Why did Russians want to help Trump win his election?”

I suspect it’s to take actions that benefit Putin, the oligarchs and Russia. Trump will benefit financially from his position as the POTUS.

For Russia, this may include ending Russian sanctions due to the annexation of Crimea, ending NATO and sowing “general discord.”

For Trump, this includes building the largest building in Europe (with TRUMP emblazoned at top), continuing to receive income from Russian business “deals,” money laundering, and huge deals where he could receive hundreds of millions (i.e., the sale of the Russian government-owned oil giant “Rosneft,” (See https://oilprice.com/Geopolitics/International/The-Mysterious-Rosneft-Deal-And-Its-Consequences.html ). We’ll know for sure when Mueller releases his findings to Congress, and their judgment of them.

One question for you, “Why do so many hate Trump?” I can understand the Democrats, liberals etc. But why U.S. intelligence (FBI, CIA, etc.), foreign intelligence (England’s MI6, etc.), colleges (and most alumni), unions, non-white minorities (blacks, Hispanics, etc.), Muslims, most of the media, feminists, gays/LGBTQ community, former presidents, TV, Hollywood personalities, “leaders” of most of the countries we consider “friends,” but not those we don’t (i.e., N. Korea, Russia, etc.)?

Maybe the problem is with him, not everyone else?

D.L. “Andy” Anderson, Richland

Time is here for N. Richland bridge

I support Bill Larson and Bob Ferguson’s support of the North Richland bridge (TCH 1/16).

When my family moved here in 1980, it was already designed and ready to be built by the state Legislature. However, interest rates were high and financing wasn’t available. Now, with interest rates low, it’s time to build. However, their article left out how it would also help Pasco, Franklin County and Kennewick. The bridge and its connecting roads would go from Highway 395 north of Pasco, across the bridge, and connect to Interstate 82.

The improved roadways and North Richland bridge would solve traffic problems in all three communities by getting these heavily trafficked roads routed around the downtown business areas of all three communities. In addition, Larson and Ferguson forgot to mention the traffic that will come to tour the Manhattan Project National Historic Park at Hanford. Studies indicate an estimated 100,000 visitors per year will eventually visit the park.

I urge our communities to all support building the North Richland bridge.

Launa Morasch, Richland

A reader’s take on ‘Fake News'

I am always amazed and sad when I read a (letter to the editor) such as was recently printed regarding "Fake News."

The author of the article used two articles in reference. One being the harassment of the Native American in front of the Lincoln Memorial and the other of a statement made on a talk show. Regarding the harassment news article, there are varied opinions and it is still believed and seen by many as harassment, so not "Fake News."

I believe that some people need to expand their research beyond Fox News (to outlets) such as PBS, international news that includes many of our allied countries, NBC, CBS and others. Our free press and news media should be commended for their dedication, hard work and sometimes even loss of life to keep us all informed and aware of what is happening in our country and world. If you are really interested in "Fake News" just stayed tuned to the Tweets coming from the office that has been proven to to be not true or outright lies over 4,000 times.

There is the true "Fake News!"

Jeffrey Veregge, Pasco

Police explain new building needs

The West Richland Police Officers’ Association would like to thank the City Council for unanimously approving a resolution allowing our community to vote on funding for a new police facility.

The population in West Richland continues to skyrocket and our current facility is failing to keep up with the demands of police work. Secure space is required for interviews, processing evidence, writing reports and equipment storage.

I’ve been with the West Richland Police Department for six years and there is no place I would rather serve. Our community policing is personal and dedicated, which has led to us being named one of Washington’s safest cities.

However, the reality is that policing is getting harder. We still have violent crimes in our city. Most recently, we responded to a homicide. I’ve personally been involved in responding to calls for domestic violence, drug abuse, child abuse, theft, burglary, and assault, to name a few.

We need the proper tools in order to be successful and ensure criminals are brought to justice. A larger, modernized police facility is part of that equation, and we appreciate community consideration for this request.

Drew Hendrickson, President, West Richland Police Officers’ Association

Honor families of service members

I would like to talk about active duty/retired military and emergency services personnel in relation to “discounts” offered to those who are or have served. Thank you to those who honor us but, I would like to give recognition as well to the families of those military and emergency service members.

Many people don’t realize the vital role the families of those service members play. When a service member is deployed to an active combat zone, spouses and children are left behind. For them, life does “not” go on as normal. Often one or both parents are gone up to a year at a time, leaving those behind to play the role of both parents. Bills are paid, houses are managed, children are raised but, there is always the worry of not just “when” will their service member come home but “if” their service member will come home and in what condition? Whole? Broken? Dead?

Their service is as important as those who go forth to protect our streets,and country and they deserve to be recognized equally but often they are not.

Thank you to all families of military, veterans, law enforcement, fire fighters and EMTs. Your support is valued.

Anthony Shore, Pasco

Back school bond for Kennewick

As a parent of three children who all have gone through all their school years in Kennewick, I’m appreciative of the good schools . . . from teachers and staff to buildings and programs.

We all have seen a lot of changes in KSD due to growth and graduation requirements. The Kennewick bond does address these issues. As chairperson of the Kennewick Citizens’ Bond & Levy Committee, I would not be volunteering my time to work on this bond, and the bonds and levies in the past, if I did not believe in the good things the district is doing and in the need for new buildings, building renovations and building expansions. So please vote Yes for the Kennewick school bond measure. Vote Yes for our kids.

Kevin Veleke, Chair, Kennewick Citizens’ Bond Committee, Kennewick