Letters to the Editor

Letters: Feb. 7, 2019

No parole ever for repeat murders

I was sickened after reading the stories on Hector Orozco Jr.’s double-murder trial and conviction. The horrible and heartless details of the first-degree killing of 82-year-old Bonnie Ross was beyond comprehension. The 82-year-old woman was a kind and caregiving asset to her community. I can only imagine how she must have suffered, as well as her family, throughout this year-long trial.

Orozco had numerous prior misdemeanors and violent felonies. Along with the two murders, he was convicted of four other related crimes including two assault charges. What is troubling is that the sentencing range for all these crimes is 44-1/2 to 62 years. Why isn’t this man facing life without parole? When these repeatedly violent criminals commit murder, they deserve to be locked up for good.

John Julian, Richland

Nationalism part of God’s plan for us

Nations were created and are kept separate according to Bible inspired by God not to give up their sovereignty in order to give mankind the best chance at life to the fullness.

In the past and in our nation today, many politicians and well-meaning people were working hard to surrender our national sovereignty over to a One World Order in the guise of safety and security, to what they think is best for mankind.

Human viewpoint separate from God’s could easily lead you to this conclusion that the best hope for mankind is if he can control his evil (sin) nature that a One World Order controlled by good people is best for mankind.

In the history of the world, though, as God always knew, absolute power has always

eventually corrupted absolutely, thus it’s best that we keep powers separated as much as possible so that goodness will always survive.

In my opinion, whether one likes President Trump as a messenger or not is minor compared to the message he puts out. He is strongly for nationalism with cooperation over giving up our national sovereignty to a Global Elite and has continued to support laws, policies and people promoting so.

Lee Walter, West Richland

Faulty thinking and poor decisions

Incorrect reasoning abounds, and is leading to serious consequences for our future prosperity. For example, false dichotomies are often used to restrict conclusions about both the science and solutions to climate change.

People who reject the role of greenhouse gases in climate change often argue that, when drawing conclusions from temperature and greenhouse gas measurements from ice cores, either greenhouse gases change temperature or temperature changes greenhouse gases, excluding the more plausible conclusion that the two can affect each other. This incorrect reasoning has led some to reject the conclusion that greenhouse gases play an important role in climate change.

Similarly, some people argue that we can have either capitalism or a healthy planet, but not both, excluding the option of applying market-based principles to reduce the carbon emissions that are driving rapid climate change. This incorrect reasoning leads to a political impasse on legislation to limit climate change.

So watch out for false dichotomies! They’ll lead you to incorrect conclusions, which leads to harmful and costly decisions.

Steve Ghan, Richland