Letters to the Editor

Letters: Jan. 31, 2019

Congress needs to take charge

You ran an article in which Dan Newhouse criticized Nancy Pelosi as violating the Constitution for not letting President Trump give his speech in the House on Jan. 29. The Constitution just states: “(President) shall from time to time give to the Congress information of the State of the Union, and recommend to their consideration such measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient,” and it used to be delivered in a letter. Pelosi is not causing a violation of the Constitution and if Newhouse and Senate and House Republicans would perform their legislative oversight, maybe this costly shutdown wouldn’t have happened.

Max Faulkner, Richland

Lights brighten winter’s gloom

It sure is dark this time of year. Thank you to all you good folk who leave some of your lights that were for Christmas up to brighten these dark days.

The cheerfulness of the bright lights dispels the gloominess of the winter darkness, hence they should be called "Winter Lights." It's never to late to brighten our dreary nights. If your lights are still up, just turn them on for the night brightening.

God bless you one and all!

Winnie Zeamer, Richland

End shutdown, eat a dose of crow

The ill-conceived government shutdown has gone on way too long. Only the person who declared that he’d be proud to shut down the government can end the shutdown. It is time that Mr. Trump acts like a true leader and admits he underestimated the effects of the shutdown.

In addition to the 800,000 people directly affected are at least 1.6 million others who depend on the spending of the affected people. The government workers will eventually receive back pay, but the losses for the other 1.6 million will be a permanent loss. A leader who can take responsibility, rather than blame others, gains much more respect than one who bullies until he gets his way.

Yes, Mr. Trump, it’s time to eat crow: enjoy.

Richard A. Moen, Richland

Senate should have gone nuclear

With the continuing partial government shutdown, many people are putting the blame on President Trump. However, I think this blame is wrongly placed. Before the shutdown began, there was a spending bill that got passed in the House of Representatives by the Republican majority, which including Trump’s requested funding for the border wall. The bill moved on to the Senate, which also had a Republican majority, by a slim margin, 51-49, but according to the rules at least 3/5 of the senators had to vote yes for the bill to be passed.

Of course, not enough Democrats would vote yes with all the Republicans, so Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell complained that the Democrats were being irrational. Trump suggested that McConnell invoke the “nuclear option,” meaning that he change the rules so that only a simple majority, or one more than half, of the senators would be required to pass a spending bill in the Senate. But McConnell said no. If McConnell had done as Trump had suggested, then it’s very likely the spending bill would’ve have passed the Senate and been signed by Trump, and hence, no shutdown.

Kaleb Fisler, Kennewick