Letters to the Editor

Letters: Jan. 30, 2019

State of Union spat has easy solution

While it is true that each party gives its slant on political topics, I find it very annoying that the congressman from our district “blasts” Pelosi over the State of the Union showdown. Here are the complete facts on this subject. While it is true the president, according to his constitutional duties, is required to give a report to Congress, this can be in person or in a written report. There is nowhere in the Constitution that says he must on a Tuesday at the end of January go before a joint session to deliver this report.

Nancy Pelosi is not denying him this right but stating it needs to be rescheduled after the government is open. At this point he has three options: 1. send a written report, 2. pick another venue to give it during the shutdown, 3. wait until the government reopens and deliver it before Congress.

The time is now to open the government and pay our federal workers. At that point, then negotiate for border security.

Carol Fellows, Richland

We need to oust do-nothing officials

We the people are suffering because we have little recourse to motivate the elected officials to do their jobs. This is not a new problem, as it has grown over the years thanks to PAC money, big business interests and beltway coercing. We do have our vote, but it appears our votes are just as orchestrated by big business interests as our politicians. We, as Americans, need to write ourselves notes, put them where we can see them, so as election time nears, we can act responsibly and get rid of all those elected officials who are placing their own greed and self interest ahead of the people they represent. This is not a Republican or Democrat problem, but an American problem.

We can not impeach our congress or senators (in most states), but we can vote them out of office as long as we can encourage and support worthy candidates who will represent us, we the people! We need elected officials who will sit at the table, discuss and resolve critical issues (compromise) for the good of the people of the country. We must correct this misstep in our country’s progress and make sure our system gets back on track.

Ed “Kurt” Johnson, Richland

Two reasons why media is ‘fake’

If liberals wish to understand why people don’t believe the press or why President Trump calls them fake news, just look:

Buzzfeed: Trump ordered Cohen to lie to Congress about the Russia real estate deal. We had almost 24 hours on every network about impeaching or indicting President Trump.

The Covington Catholic students were harassing the Native American war veteran at the Lincoln Memorial.

These two stories were debunked as “Fake News.” On The View was a conversation between Whoopi and Joy. Whoopi, “Why do we keep going with our first reaction and then having to retract it.” Joy: “Because we want to remove Trump from office.” The words between Whoopi and Joy are paraphrased.

If there are people that wish to dispute me in my opinion, then I ask that you indulge in a dialog with me, not hide behind a FB block. The bias is obvious at all levels of the left wing media. This is not the free press our Founders envisioned.

Dennis A. Persinger, West Richland

Editor’s note: Neither Whoopi nor Joy are journalists working for news organizations. The View is a daytime entertainment talk show.