Letters to the Editor

Letters: Jan. 13, 2019

Too much news is ‘cherry picked’

This person who referenced FOX News allows others to talk about fake news. News agencies always have that habit of cherry picking. Look at NBC, CBS, ABC and Tri-City Herald. While we know that CNN disparages Trump 90 percent of the time, that has been their mantra since the day he was elected. During the days of Obama, news was cherry picked to favor Obama. Now, Trump is president, news is being cherry picked, again to bash Trump.

To reinforce the cherry picking, school teachers instill their political agendas into their students. Why? Over 98 percent of colleges are liberal and support the liberal agenda, whereas, K thru 12, 100 percent support the liberal agenda. I see this stuff every day I am trying to read some decent articles. When will educational institutions start teaching, instead of indoctrinating? Even Stalin appreciated the methodology of using classrooms for political indoctrination. Read the article in the magazine, Soviet Today. John Dewey agreed with Karl Marx about indoctrinating children. John Dewey’s claim to fame is, he is the Father of American Education.

Lloyd Becker, Richland

Time to negotiate is now, Congress

As Congress stumbles blindly in their “shutdown” phase, they might consider a lesson from the recent college football championship. Clemson succeeded because the played with the premise that, despite their individual backgrounds, if they shelved their egos, bonded as a team, pooled their talents and focused on a common goal, they could win.

Politicians – rather than uttering polemics and filtering every action through the lens of affiliations and the selfish desire for power — would serve us, the people, best by discarding their differences and working in unison toward workable solutions.

Our founding fathers had a Herculean task. They gave birth to the whole concept of democracy unified with individual rights and freedoms. Yes, they argued vociferously; but ultimately they focused on the greater good while sacrificing many individual demands. They debated, listened and compromised - allowing their own principles to be influenced for the betterment of the people.

The tasks facing Congress are daunting — immigration, national debt, international trade and relations, infrastructure, education — yet their ineptitude and vituperative stubbornness impedes any solution. Simplistic as it sounds, we request behavior that promulgates teamwork, co-operation, listening, sacrifice and selfless-dedication. That’s all any fan could ask of his team.

Gabe Lyons, Richland

Headline on gun story overblown

I would like to take exception to titling of the article, “It’s illegal to sell assault rifles to those under 21 — but this West Richland gun store will.” The Tri-City Herald appears to be attempting to elicit an angry response and assumes that they (sales) are violating the law. If they were violating the law, they would have been shut down and arrested. Initiative 1639 is an unconstitutional initiative that I believe will eventually be struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court. It is sad that the Herald is no longer a local paper but a puppet of larger liberal news agencies that push anti-firearm agenda. If you support the Second Amendment, support your local business that help to fight for your rights.

Daniel Holliday, Pasco

Mattis departure shows Trump tiny

Donald Trump once again demonstrated what a small, needy man he is when he claimed at a press conference that he “essentially fired” Gen. James Mattis.

Actually, Gen. Mattis had already tendered his letter of resignation. Trump had tweeted at that time that Mattis was “retiring, with distinction, at the end of February.” Apparently, that was before the president had someone explain Gen. Mattis’s letter to him. Trump then had Secretary of State Mike Pompeo “fire” Mattis and tell him to leave on Jan. 1. A “profile in courage” Trump is not. Jim Mattis on the other hand, is — whether on the battlefield, or in the White House.

We owe him a debt of gratitude. He stepped up when he didn’t have to, and served with great courage, demonstrating what it means to have principles and stand by them.

Richard Badalamente, Kennewick

Fund that wall, get workers paid

Federal workers and contractors: Are you wanting to receive a timely paycheck?

Call our U.S. senators and tell them, “Fund the wall.” The Spokane phone numbers for senators are:

Cantwell (509) 353-2507 and Murray (503) 624-9515.

They may have satellite offices in the Federal Building in Richland.

Money isn’t the issue. The federal government wastes more money on investigations and hearings than the cost of the wall. Remember what the above senators are doing to your paycheck at the next election.

Lou Knesek, Pasco

Border wall won’t make us safer

Our most vulnerable border is our northern border, not our southern border,for a number of reasons. In addition, all known persons on terrorist watch lists apprehended attempting to enter the U.S., were apprehended at airports, not borders. Also, the majority of undocumented immigrants came to this country legally and overstayed their visas.

How does this border wall make us safer? It doesn’t. Period.

Jerame Clough, West Richland