Letters to the Editor

Letters: Jan 11, 2019

A market base for climate change

“Rep. Newhouse has every reason to support the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act.”

The American people have received nothing short of a Christmas miracle: The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, introduced in the last Congress and soon to be revisited by incoming legislators.

This bill is a variation on the “fee and dividend” idea, long admired by economists as a market-friendly approach to climate change mitigation. Fees placed on carbon pollution incentivise clean energy and conservation, while the dividends (fees minus administrative costs) are paid out to every American to use as they choose.

The bill will reduce U.S. emissions by 40 percent in 12 years, and create 2.1 million new jobs over a decade. Reduced pollution will improve overall health, decrease health costs, and save thousands of lives per year. Best of all, these goals will be achieved without creating new and costly regulations.

Also known as S.3791 (Senate) or H.R.7173 (House), this bill is a true piece of bipartisan legislation. Three of Newhouse’s fellow House Republicans already co-sponsor it: Brian Fitzpatrick, Francis Rooney and Dave Trott. I urge Rep. Newhouse to join his brave colleagues in the fight for a market-based solution to climate change.

Adam Whittier, Richland

A thank you for radiation letter

Thank you Gregg Lumetta, Pasco, for your letter, “Radiation doses you face daily,” to the editor.

Nick Maximovich, Richland

Solutions to help salmon survive

We can do several things to replenish salmon runs on the Columbia River right now that will have a significant impact and not cost as much as the $750k the governor proposes for a study.

1. Remove all the gill nets from the Columbia River, including tribal nets. Pay the tribes the money they would normally get by selling the fish along the Interstate 82 corridor,

2. Euthanize, i.e., kill, all the California sea lions and seals below the Bonneville Dam. They are not native to the area and shouldn’t be there.

3. Stop using the Priest Rapids Dam for power equalizing. River levels vary by 4-5 feet twice a day and that can’t help the spawning fish. Set the flow to mimic natural flow, no changes of over 6 inches a day. Use another dam to meet power demand.

4. Bulldoze under the island that was made by depositing river dredging that the birds nest on (near the Columbia River’s mouth), then feast on young salmon. These actions are easily done if we are serious about restoring salmon instead of playing politics.

Jay Bottenus, Richland

Bible answers erosion question

I had to laugh when reading the article on “Snowball Earth” on page 1B in Saturday’s paper. In paragraph three it said, ”There must have been some sort of special event in Earth’s history that led to widespread erosion.” Well duh! Read your Bible for a clue.

Gayle Rowett, Pasco