Letters to the Editor

Letters: Jan. 9, 2019

Mail thieves got off way too easily

On Sunday morning Dec. 23, at 4:15 a.m., I heard a strange car pull up and stop. I got up to investigate and saw a man and woman going through the mailboxes next door. Then I watched as they passed in front of my house and preceded to open and pilfer the 2 mailboxes in front of my house. I personally saw them reach into four different mailboxes.

After looting these boxes they went down the street getting into every mailbox they passed. I had called the police after seeing them get into the first set of mailboxes and shortly the officers were at the pilferers car. As these thieves walked back up the street, I watched as the male stuffed something into the back of his pants.

I thought YIPPEE! That at least these two wouldn’t be doing this again soon.... I was wrong, since the officers did not see them doing it they could only take their info and cut them loose. Not right. I saw them doing this. I am not condemning the police, but I am very unhappy that the laws seem to favor the criminals. Hopefully these two learned their lesson... but I doubt it.

Susan Bailey, Kennewick

Trump acts not like in Cuba, N. Korea

Many people have said that President Trump is authoritarian, or akin to a dictator, in many of his actions. However, that is like comparing him to the leaders of countries such as Cuba, Venezuela, and North Korea. In these countries, the citizens have virtually no freedom and have very low standards of living; for example, in Venezuela, many thousands of people are currently leaving the country because of not being able to find enough food to eat, and the one million percent inflation rate, devastating the economy, both problems which have been caused by the evil socialist dictatorship there.

It’s not right to compare Trump to those who cause problems such as these, especially considering how his presidential policy is “America First”. What this means to me is that Trump is doing his best to help put our country and its needs first, even if he often speaks rashly and makes mistakes from time to time. There will never be a perfect president, but the fact that Trump is clearly putting the country before himself directly contrasts a dictator. One only has to look in the present and the past to see that this is not characteristic of a dictator.

Kaleb J. Fisler, Kennewick

Donated yarn goes for scarves, hats

Thank you to the people who have donated yarn to Teresa Reynolds. I make hats, scarves, sweaters, blankets and more, then donate these items to the cancer center, hospitals, children’s cancer center, Hospice, Catholic charity, the volunteer center and others. In 2018, I gave hundreds of sweaters, hats and blankets to these organizations. Without the donation of yarn from nice people, this would not be possible.

Thank you. I love making these things and helping children.

Teresa Reynolds, Pasco