Letters to the Editor

Letters: Jan. 6, 2019

Cutting greenhouse gases best gift

All I want for Christmas: is a national plan for reducing greenhouse gas pollution, to enable a safer and healthier future for humanity and all the earth’s creatures. With 70 percent of the nation wishing for action on climate change, I’m not alone. Thanks be to God that our representatives have started to see the urgency of acting! House and Senate members just proposed a revenue neutral plan to reduce carbon pollution. https://energyinnovationact.org (2018 Yale pole showed 68 percent people would support such a plan.)

As people of faith, we should be shouting the loudest to our representatives to support a plan to protect God’s creation and show the world that our country can lead the way to provide for our long-term health and prosperity. Nationally, millions of jobs will be created; this area will especially benefit with our clean energy and research advantages, as well as the agricultural exemption and national border adjustments.

So, when you wish people a Healthy and Prosperous New Year, suggest they ask their representative, Dan Newhouse or Cathy McMorris Rogers, to do the right thing, and support HR7173. By doing so, you will help make my Christmas wish, (along with the majority of us), come true!

Diane Vanderburg, West Richland

FOX viewers fall into two categories

Many people that tune into FOX News for a couple of hours conclude that the network is nothing more than a propaganda outlet, replete with fabrications, distortions, cherry-picking, and fake news. They never watch FOX News again. However, some people tune in to FOX News and they are mesmerized. They make FOX News their major source of information, and for some the channel is on nearly continuously.

I have often wondered why there are these two types of people, the FOX News lovers and the FOX News haters, so I did some research. Indeed, there are scientific studies that indicate what the differences between the two groups are. The FOX News viewers will not like these studies.

Gary Boothe, Pasco

The ‘great’ Trump, soybean mountains

Let me get this straight: The “great” Trump, the supposedly wunderkind man of incredible business acumen on a par with Adam Smith and John Maynard Keynes, the guy who has promoted himself as a self-made entrepreneur in the financial world ... isn’t?

According to the New York Times (10/2/18), Fred bailed his half-baked son Donald out many times when his business adventures tanked. Not only did good ol’ dad come to his son’s rescue, he left him well over $400 million when he died. Which his son squandered and later told the world he got a “modest loan” from his father that he parlayed into wealth Croesus would envy.

Except none of it’s true. It’s a con job, a fabrication, a lie. Five bankruptcies and not one American bank would loan him more cash. One day I suspect we’ll learn a Russo-Saudi juggernaut filled his empty pockets for favors (hint: his taxes remain under “audit”) but so what, right?

The electoral college handed over the once-largest economy in the world to a shyster, a multiple bankrupt fool and under his guidance 1929 looms in our thoughts.

I could be wrong. Meanwhile I hear Kansas has soybean mountains.

Bink Owen, Walla Walla