Letters to the Editor

Letters: Jan. 2, 2019

Heartbeat is not religious issue

Joy Rasch’s letter of Dec. 19 contends that laws protecting the unborn violate the First Amendment as a religious belief forced on all pregnant women. I would point out that for many generations a person of any age was considered dead if their heart stopped beating. To cause a beating heart to stop would be to cause that person’s death. I’m not aware that this was the exclusive teaching of any specific religious group; it was a “law of nature.”

Sherry Schroeder, Kennewick


Where’s outcry over other killing?

A Saudi Arabian freelance journalist is murdered in Turkey at a Saudi Embassy. The U.S. media and U.S. politicians go crazy. Why? So far this year 10 journalists have been killed in Mexico by the drug cartel. Where is the outcry? Christians are being killed by the thousands by the Chinese government. Where is the outcry? A Christian woman in Pakistan is imprisoned, released and probably will be killed. Where is the outcry? Christian refugees from Syria seeking asylum are being persecuted by Muslim refugees and it’s harder for them to leave than the Muslin refugees. Where is the outcry?

Ira Johnson - Kennewick


Plan won’t save southern orcas

Our Gov. Jay Inslee continues to show his lack of concern for the residents of Eastern Washington. His headline-grabbing tactics are about garnering attention while squandering our money. Why else would he recommend spending $1 billion for 70 orcas and call to study the removal of our dams? Inslee will fail to take the real actions to save the Orca because those remedies will affect his Western Washington voter base? Inslee ignores the fact that the northern orcas, which eat the same salmon as the southern pods, have doubled in population and continue to grow. This fact will get little play because it laughs in the face of Inslee’s agenda.

If the southern resident orca vanished overnight, it would be a shame, but only a few scientists and onlookers would be truly impacted. If the dams were removed, it would place extreme hardship on thousands of people while placing our electrical system in peril. It would dry up productive farmland and stop the barging of Northwest food products, thereby driving up their costs to millions who survive on those foods.

Yes, let’s try to save the orca by first voting out Inslee.

Rich Sargent, Richland


Military needs Trump budget

I would like to address the current development concerning the budget placed on the Department of Defense. President Trump recently proposed a $700 billion budget on defense spending in 2020. Most Republicans agree that a $733 billion budget is required for adequate upkeep and advancement in technology, while Democrats continually advocate for defense budget cuts in favor of domestic advancements in education, residential, and manufacturing technologies.

I believe it is important for Americans to realize that a modern and adaptable military is required to keep our way of life a reality. The people who fight to protect our home are fighting for the American life we all take for granted on a daily basis.

Shouldn’t we do everything we can to assist those who sacrifice so much to protect us? Shouldn’t we do this by providing them with the necessary funding to stay more powerful than those that would see our country fall?

Caleb Beasley, Kennewick