Letters to the Editor

Letters: Dec. 6, 2018

ABA committee not that liberal

Every currently-sitting Supreme Court justice prior to Brett Kavanaugh, other than Clarence Thomas, was judged “well-qualified” by the American Bar Association’s (ABA) Standing Committee on the Federal Judiciary. In Thomas’s case, no member of the Committee judged him well-qualified, while two of the 15 members rated him unqualified. (The three ratings used by the Committee are “qualified,” “well-qualified” and “unqualified.”) Poor Clarence has yet another grievance to nurture.

Kavanaugh was initially judged “well-qualified,” but the committee began a re-evaluation based on the nominee’s display of anger and petulance at his confirmation hearings, which cast doubt on his claim to “judicial temperament.” As is its policy, the committee dropped the re-evaluation when Kavanaugh was confirmed before those deliberations were complete. Its “well-qualified” judgment therefore stands, somewhat shakily, it would seem.

This is in contradiction to the assertion by the Oval Office official squatter that the Bar Association is a liberal echo-chamber.

For those keeping score, of nine Supreme Court Justices, the ABA rated eight “well-qualified,” though Justice Kavanaugh’s name will forever be burdened with an asterisk, a small price to pay, perhaps, for the potential return on beer endorsements.

As an aside, Obama nominee Merrick Garland was unanimously rated “well-qualified.”

Robert McDonald, Richland

Cannabis stigma should disappear

I do not understand how people cannot see beyond the stigma that the government has created in regard to cannabis. Not only is it completely hypocritical, it’s just downright ignorance. How is it okay to take a heavy pain med for something like surgery, but not use cannabis as medicine? How is it okay to ignore all the potential benefits just because it can also “make someone high?” What do you think pain meds, alcohol or even caffeine can do? It doesn’t matter to those who need to use cannabis if you have issues with it. What if a med you needed was looked at as bad and banned. Cannabis needs to stop being looked at for the one side it has that makes everyone upset and looked at as a whole and what it can do for people — stopping a child’s hundreds of seizures they get every day, etc. How can that not be more important than whether someone else decides to use it to get high? Please educate yourself on what cannabis can do for people. Or stop being a hypocrite and go throw all your meds away and don’t take another thing a day in your life.

Shilowe Ensminger, Richland

Recycling brings benefits to us all

Recently I ate in a cafeteria that has slots marked for recyclable material. As it turned out, however, everything disposed of, even in slots marked for recyclables, becomes rubbish. As I said to the person informing me of this, the result is anti-environmental. I believe that if we are disrespectful of the environment, it will be disrespectful of us. Even now, our own country, on our own coast, is experiencing a hostile environment, especially in California. If we will be more environmentally responsible, I believe conditions will improve. Though I don’t know how much of a factor we are in the outcome, I think that, if we save one life or one home, it will be well worth the effort.

William L. Hoyt, Kennewick