Letters to the Editor

Letters: Dec. 5, 2018

WSU band really showed its class

I would like to commend WSU’s marching band for what they did Nov. 23 before the Apple Cup. They filled in for the UW marching band by forming a block W on the field and playing the UW fight song, “Bow Down to Washington.”

In a time of calling opponents in politics or in sports hateful and shameful names it was good to see how WSU responded. Whoever came up with the idea, good job. It was a great lesson to young people and the people of our state. It was also good to see WSU left the seats for the UW band empty and didn’t sell tickets for them. Some of the UW band members were injured in a bus accident after sliding off I-90 near George. Also, to be thanked are the people of the George area who brought food and water to the UW students who evacuated to a local school. Hopefully the injured students will soon recover.

Although I am a longtime Cougar fan and a proud Cougar Dad, I’ll be pulling for the Huskies to be in the 2019 Rose Bowl. And to see their marching band to form the W and play their fight song proudly.

John Garcia, Pasco

A thank you for departing mayor

In this season of giving, I would like to take this opportunity to say, “Thank You,” to former Mayor Steve Young for all that he has provided for us in making Kennewick a wonderful place to live, work and play! He represented what is good for our community. For his efforts, I cannot thank him enough for a job well done.

Hank Sauer, Kennewick

Transit board cut was a blunder

What was the Benton Franklin Transit board of directors thinking when they cut funding by a million dollars to the taxi company that provided much-needed night, Sunday and feeder services to hundreds of people that desperately depended on it? This drastic cut forced A-1 Tri-City Taxi to shut down, leaving a huge heartless gap in transit services. Once BFT realized their awful blunder, they reinstated a less desirable plan that will cost more money. Board members are responsible for this mismanagement and owe a huge apology to those negatively affected by this ridiculous and irresponsible decision.

I suggest that the board follow their own mission and core values of customer satisfaction and fiscal responsibility. Riders deserve so much better.

Gary Somdahl, West Richland

Revisions needed in abortion laws

The Mississippi Legislature passed a law banning abortions after 15 weeks of gestation. This law was struck down in federal court. A societal divider is this issue of abortion. It is argued by some that abortion is taking the life of a defenseless human being. The response, and criterion in this case, involves fetal viability and how that affects the definition of a human being. The proposed Mississippi law was passed primarily by privileged white men, and affects women almost exclusively.

Frequently the woman in question is poor, without means of support. If we are going to force women to deliver their unwanted babies, we are also obligated to provide support before and after the pregnancy. What if we wrote laws requiring the responsible male to provide support or be sent to prison, regardless of whether the sex was consensual or the relationship casual?

Given the overcrowding of our planet, its declining resources, and population-related climate change, we should acknowledge that children should be born to those who want and can provide for them. Denying not only abortion, but access to birth control information is similarly taking a life, the life of the woman with limited options.

David Lassen King, Richland