Letters to the Editor

Letters: Dec. 2, 2018

Come to hearings on police station

The West Richland City Council will hold two public hearings to consider a resolution asking the community to fund construction of a larger police facility. As your police chief, I would personally like to invite you to take part in these discussions.

The meetings will be held on Dec. 4 and 18 at 6 p.m. in City Council Chambers at the Municipal Services Building, 3100 Belmont Blvd., West Richland. If Council approves the resolution, voters will see the request on their ballots during the April 2019 special election.

Police are under heavy scrutiny these days, and adequate facilities are just as important to the work we do as officers and patrol cars. Our city has grown 115 percent in 20 years. The current facility dates back to the 1970s, and makes police and our taxpayers vulnerable. We require more room for police officers, parole officers, protecting the “chain of evidence,” our armory, and animal control.

Please take time to attend the meetings to learn more about the proposal. We appreciate your consideration.

Ben Majetich, Police Chief, West Richland

Give public credit for some smarts

I have read the articles (Sunday, Nov. 25, 2018, etc.) and watched Mark Zuckerberg (sort of) answer questions at a House hearing regarding the actions and decisions of his company, Facebook. I have been a member of FB for a number of years and I have to tell you, FB is not where I form my political, moral or spiritual opinions. I think most people are like me and use this social media platform to connect with family and friends and boast about our incredibly intelligent and adorable children or grandchildren. I am also aware a lot of people go on and on about their opinions. Again, we can see an opinion a mile away.

Yes, I do think FB has a responsibility to do business in an honest and transparent manner, but just like when I go into any store, and I see their claims that they have “The best, newest, longest lasting, most fabulous,” inventory that has ever graced the planet, I still have to weigh my options myself. Please give the public a small amount of credit when it comes to social media. Good thing our local and national media is unbiased. Whew!

Sue Turner, Burbank

Ivanka’s emails raise questions

It appears Ivanka Trump has been using personal email for government business in contravention of federal law (TCH 11/21/18). If true, this raises a few interesting questions:

Will the president change his rally chant to lock her and Ivanka up? Other than traveling at taxpayer expense and making deals for Trump Inc., what exactly does Ivanka do in the government? How many other officials in the current uber-honest administration are using personal email for government business? Why? What are they hiding? Does the president still use his personal iPhone instead of a secure government telephone?

Just wondering.

Brett Menaker, Kennewick


Dr. Jaime Hough’s letter published Nov. 30 incorrectly implied that Kennewick City Councilman John Trumbo voted against the Kennewick city budget proposal. Trumbo ultimately voted in favor of it.