Letters to the Editor

Letters: Nov. 9, 2018

‘Hurtful’ statement by Mr. Movie

Mr. Movie’s review of “Beautiful Boy” on Friday was so insensitive. This movie is based on a true story. I have read the book and saw the movie. I have lost a son to drug addiction and for him to say “you almost cheer for the kid to die so you can go home” brought me to tears. I would give anything to have my son back. Maybe Mr. Movie should think before he says such hurtful, stupid things.

Judy Jennings, Kennewick

Look at Canada for carbon tax

A national carbon fee and dividend (CFD) could be an effective solution to climate change that will not grow government, hurt the economy, or restrict personal freedom.

If anyone doubts this, look at Canada. On Oct. 23, Canada adopted the CFD as its default policy to price carbon and reduce CO2 emissions in provinces without effective policies. A $20 per ton carbon fee will begin in 2019 and will increase by $10 each year until it reaches $50 per ton (about 50 cents per gallon of gasoline), with all revenue returned to each resident on an equal basis. Most families will get more than they pay out, particularly if they reduce their use of fossil fuel.

This policy was advocated by Citizens Climate Lobby volunteers in Canada, and is very similar to the national legislation advocated for the U.S. by volunteers here. Given the similarities between the economies of the two countries, we can expect to learn much from how well the CFD works in Canada.

Steve Ghan, Richland

Care for yourself during holidays

Happy Hallowthanksmas!

The Support, Advocacy and Resource Center would like to remind people that the holidays are not always joyful for everyone. For many people who have suffered a loss of some sort, death, divorce, distance, family issues, abuse, trauma and many other causes, the holidays are one more reminder of that painful journey one may be on.

This may be the year to change traditions, stick to a budget and remind yourself that the perfect expectations for holidays usually do not happen in real life.

Are you or someone you know, struggling? Take the time to recognize the symptoms. Are you more tired, grumpy, depressed, anxious and lonely? The pressures of the holidays, along with the shorter, darker days, may cause depression symptoms as well. Take care of yourself. Grief does not just “go away.” Pay attention. Seek counseling and/or medical help for you, and those around you, if needed. Additional support, crisis intervention, and counseling services are available for victims and their loved ones at the Support, Advocacy and Resource Center. Please cal 509-374-5391 for more information.

It is okay to feel what you feel.

Sherrie Lennox, Richland

KID work tore up new roadway

Way to go Kennewick Irrigation District! Another engineering/planning faux pas. Richland taxes funded the recent upgrade/resurfacing of a portion of Englewood Drive, only to have KID a short time later upgrade its irrigation services, which required cuts across and removal of sections of the new asphalt roadway. Now the recently smooth roadway is a rough, dismal assembly of asphalt patches covering part of one lane and the dissecting cuts. What a shame that KID couldn’t/didn’t coordinate with Richland Public Works to plan a joint effort to avoid Richland wasting money to improve one of its streets.

Bernie Beldin, Richland