Letters to the Editor

Letters: Nov. 7, 2018

Trump proposal is unconstitutional

President Trump’s threat to issue an executive order to deny a U.S. constitutional guarantee of citizenship to babies born in the U.S. to non-citizen parents has received the scorn of House Speaker and GOP leader Paul Ryan, other moderate Republicans and all Democrats. Trump’s proposed action violates the 14th Amendment; a lengthy constitutional process to revoke the amendment would be needed to achieve his aim. This harebrained idea is dead on arrival.

But Trump knows his notion is a political non-starter. So, why does he present it? With mid-term congressional elections less than a week away, he clearly seeks to divert attention from the horrific acts violence perpetrated on three occasions in one week by ultra-nationalist sympathizers of his. As a result, his party faces a stronger possibility of losing the majority in the House of Representatives. Thus, in an 11th-hour attempt to refocus debate on his brand of immigration, Trump uses unborn immigrant babies to distract and further divide voters to prevent a debacle at the polls. That is his motive, pure and simple.

Felix Vargas, Pasco

Pack kids’ lunch, end complaints

Pasco School Lunch Program: I am responding to a complaint letter concerning the quality of hot lunches served to students in Pasco.

The letter writer admitted that she allowed her three children to eat these lunches for five years, knowing full well that they were coming home "starving.” Perhaps she could find personal satisfaction by packing them lunches, knowing she was providing for her children and making them happy and sated at the same time.

Ultimately, the care and feeding of children falls to their parents, not the schools nor the state. As parents and grandparents, we pray our children receive the best education and that are safe from harm while in school. The schools in the United States feed millions of children, so I suspect there will always be random crank complaints.

Janet Love, West Richland

What in the world is going on here?

What in the world is going on? Our governments as a whole is in decline. The health of world environment is toast. Life is fast nearing the end.

It's simple to understand the answers; unfortunately we refuse to acknowledge the truth because it's just too simple and most people are too busy gaining selfishly material wealth and power at the expense of others.

We are living in the time where most Christians are worse than none Christians? There is proof of this. It is not fake news.

The answers to “what in the world is going on” is simply found in The Holy Bible. Look for yourself. No fake news here. Take your time and as you read the book of Matthew, meditate on what is going on in your head. We cannot change the course of prophecy no matter who we elect into office. Yet, we are wasting our time trying.

Instead, their are the true Christians who know that there is a spiritual government soon to come. There is no other government that will bring everlasting peace, (other) than our Creator. The ticket is to build your faith because you’re going to need it when government turns on religion.

Daniel Ramirez, Pasco