Letters to the Editor

Letter: Herald right but wrong on Klippert

I was disappointed with the article explaining why the Tri-City Herald has endorsed Shir Regev over Brad Klippert for the 8th District legislative race, and the reasons given for that decision. This article should give citizens even MORE reasons to vote for Rep. Klippert.

The editors accurately stated, “He is a great guy and is beloved by constituents” for his honesty, convictions, and character; a citizen with years of sacrificial service to our community, state and nation who cares deeply about the people he serves.

It is because he is this kind of man that he voted, along with over half of the House and Senate, against a bill which would force legislators to make public the communications between you and me and our elected officials in Olympia, further eroding our privacy as citizens. We don’t want doctors sharing our private information with others. In the same way, private conversations with our elected representatives should be protected from public disclosure.

Brad Klippert is known for his transparency and integrity. He is protective of our confidentiality. That is one of many reasons to vote FOR him, not against him.

Jennifer Morris, Kennewick