Letters to the Editor

Letter: Rude my choice for District 16

I recently had the opportunity to observe and interact with Skyler Rude, candidate for Washington House District 16, Position 2. I concluded that he is a hard worker, listens well to differing ideas, has significant conservative ideals in all areas of his previous service and beliefs, and can be expected to serve our district with a high measure of honor and integrity.

He is a strong supporter of our U.S. and Washington State Constitutions and their protections for individual rights. I also know that he has significant awareness and concern for farm and water issues that are near and dear to the hearts of the 16th District.

I think Skyler shares a Ronald Reagan perspective and can be relied on to push back on those who believe government is the solution rather than the problem. As can be seen in several initiatives that will be voted on in the coming election, we need a legislator in Olympia who will defend our basic freedoms and business climate from the elitist, regressive and oppressive socialist forces.

I am supporting and voting for Skyler Rude for the state Legislature.

Dan Mildon, Kennewick