Letters to the Editor

Letter: Complicit? That’s not useful comment

Gerald Eaton’s letter printed on Oct. 7 urges people to vote for Democrats because voting for a Republican makes you “complicit to the unethical behavior of Donald Trump.” Well, that’s the pot calling the kettle black!

According to that reasoning, everyone who votes for a Democrat is complicit in the unethical and abhorrent attack on Judge Kavanaugh’s character and family. Such a person is complicit in the hateful attacks on any conservative politician in restaurants, streets, campuses and ball fields.

That person would be aligned with the vile attacks on conservatives by people like Kathy Griffin. Get real! Use your head, not your emotions. Evaluate your position on issues. As a taxpayer, are you in favor of more government control or more independence?

As a taxpayer, do you want more taxes or less? Do you want your taxes supporting people who don’t work, or putting people back to work? Then measure candidates to see how closely their positions align with your own. Don’t vote for someone just because they belong to a particular group. Leave your emotions and identity politics out of the polling process.

Diane Bagley, Burbank