Letters to the Editor

Letter: Leadership class did amazing job

I want to thank the leadership class and their teacher, Mrs. Walker, for a fun, entertaining assembly at Leona Libby Middle School. I was fortunate enough to be a guest.

It began with the band playing the national anthem. The assembly was entirely student-lead.

Four brave teachers and the principal dressed in garbage sacks stood bravely as various students threw pudding on them. A trio of girls then got the students involved in the latest dance steps. Following that was a parade of students with homemade posters advertising the name of their advisory group. All of the names had a math or science theme.

My favorite part of the assembly was a human foosball game. Lines of students holding a long PVC pipe in a foosball format kicked a giant beach ball, hoping their side would score a goal.

I was amazed at how many students from the three grade levels participated in this well-organized assembly. Congratulations, leadership class you did an outstanding job!

Mary Peterson, Benton City