Letters to the Editor

Letters: PHS needs to look at soccer coaches

I recently watched my niece’s JV soccer game and was very disappointed in the coaching staff of the Pasco High School girls team. The coaching staff could be seen sitting on the bench through the majority of the game; uninvolved in coaching and in participating in the game like expected.

I watched the coaching staff on their phones through the game while the girls were getting injured, being overused when other girls are perfectly capable of playing, allowing other players a chance to play.

If the JV soccer coaching staff is unable/unwilling to be active participants in their paid positions, why have they not been removed from these positions? I know that my concerns are echoed with several of other players’ parents. Jokes about the coaching staff are heard while sitting in the stands watching the game about how it is a rarity to see the coaching staff involved and about how they are on their phones all the time.

I implore you to examine these concerns and address them appropriately. This has the potential to become a larger issue if not addressed at the school level.

Katrina Dodson, Kennewick