Letters to the Editor

Letter: Returning courts to rule of law

President Trump has fulfilled yet another one of his major campaign promises: return the courts to the rule of law, not ideology, by the confirmation of Justice Kavanaugh - despite Democrats’ efforts to turn this into the ugliest political charade I have ever witnessed.

Democrats hid Ford’s false accusations until the very last moment, and then exposed her identity against her will to force her public testimony. A congressman was even assaulted by protesters in his Own office! A Democratic staffer has been arrested for illegal leaks of confidential information (doxing), while Christine Ford was caught in two significant lies.

This egregious behavior has not escaped notice by voters: the Democratic enthusiasm advantage going into the November midterm elections is virtually gone, and Republicans are re-energized.

Now, piqued Democrats are vowing to impeach Justice Kavanaugh if they regain control (before or after impeaching President Trump?). Democrats can’t accept the fact that they lost yet again, even after resorting to the most under-handed tactics in history.

The Supreme Court has now been returned, finally, to the founders’ intent: It interprets, and does not make, law, denying the increasingly marginalized Democrats their last vestige of waning power.

Tom Seim, Richland