Letters to the Editor

Letter: Brown talks to us, but not Newhouse

According to the Tri-City Herald, “talk” now counts as an accomplishment for an incumbent congressman. Laughably, on the very day the Herald endorsed Congressman Dan Newhouse for re-election, President Donald Trump, whom Newhouse supposedly spoke to about tariffs, announced new tariffs on China and China retaliated immediately with new tariffs of its own. The Fourth District’s farmers and the 654,901 consumers who live here would be considerably better off with less “talk” between the two of them if that’s the result.

More “talk” occurred before Newhouse sabotaged a House vote that would have helped those who came to this country illegally as children, his third no vote on the issue. His excuse this time was that he wanted to be invited to work on a comprehensive immigration bill. The House will go into recess next week until after the election; so nothing was accomplished with that “talk” either.

The only people that Newhouse won’t “talk” to are his own constituents. Instead he hides from all but his most worshipful supporters and his rich contributors. Unlike the Herald, I expect my representative to talk to constituents and accomplish something in the Congress. That’s why I support Christine Brown.

Lillian “Randy” Slovic, Richland