Letters to the Editor

Letter: McGary best pick for county coroner

I can attest that Curtis McGary is dependable, kind, compassionate and honest. He will take his responsibilities as a coroner seriously. He is the coroner Franklin County deserves. He’s had over 30 years of experience working in the death care industry. He understands medical terminology regarding cause and manner of death as well as the processes remains go through after death. Coroners often ask his opinion about cause and time of death. He’s been performing tasks the current coroner refuses to do, such as: moving remains for a thorough investigation, drawing fluids for toxicology and explaining cause of death to families in terms they can understand.

We’ve been called to scenes where the coroner refuses to show up because of inconvenience, when it is evident he should be there to investigate. We are called upon to draw required toxicology because the coroner has never trained deputies how to do so.

As a funeral director and concerned citizen, please don’t skip the line for county coroner when voting this November. If you have a loved one pass away in Franklin County, be sure Curtis McGary will arrive on scene to investigate and care for your loved one with respect and compassion.

Brevin Clifford, CFSP, Kennewick