Letters to the Editor

Letter: She likes ‘Rocky’ for U.S. Senate

Have you ever heard of the man running for the U.S Senate (who is) from San Francisco, Calif.?

Well, in case you haven’t, his name is Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente, and he believes in accessible education and health care to all, keeping children and us as people safe. This man wants to change, education, gun control and immigration. Not only would it be good to have someone that’s bilingual hold a seat in the U.S Senate, but he is not just a career politician. He says he “lives in the real world” just like the people he is running for. De La Fuente says, “I don’t look at problems through a political lens, I look at them though a practical one, using logic and my personal and professional experience.” That seems like someone I would want making large political decisions for me and many people would agree.

This man would be the best fit for a seat in the U.S Senate and I would hope you agree.

Katelyn E. Hartzog, Kennewick