Letters to the Editor

Letter: Dems not what they once were

As a reformed Democrat (I voted for McGovern and Carter – twice!), I can say that the present-day version bears no resemblance whatsoever to the party I once identified with.

Imagine a Democratic presidential candidate advocating a strong defense, tax cuts, individual responsibility, anti-socialism and passionate support for the Second Amendment. This person would be laughed out of the party. This person would also be John F. Kennedy, a president that I admired for many reasons.

Now, Democrats want to cut defense, raise taxes, make people more dependent upon government, embrace socialism and repeal the Second Amendment. The party has obviously taken a hard turn to the extreme left, with each politician desperately trying to be more extreme than the previous one. Even Bill Clinton could not be nominated in the current environment of the party, even as they vehemently defend that criminal, his wife. What escapes them is that this Marxist position puts them at odds with most Americans. Hillary, a far from perfect candidate, was closer to the pulse of Americans than any current Democratic presidential prospect.

This is, indeed, a losing race to the bottom.

Tom Seim, Richland