Letters to the Editor

Letter: Catholic Church must go

I come from a Catholic background on my Dad’s side of the family. Catholic school, Catholic Mass, Catholic marriage, Catholic fish on Fridays, Catholic party on Friday and go to confession on Sunday, and other Catholic traditions.

I think it is time for the Catholic Church to close its doors.

The unimaginable, systemic abuse of children has undermined the ability of the Catholic Church to effectively minister and disqualified it from further outreach. Clearly, there is a flaw in the Catholic teachings that has supported adult abuse of children.

Biblically, we are not to have a pope, cardinals, bishops and all those artificial layers of ecclesiastical authority. Anytime adults relinquish their own personal, individual responsibility to some other authority to protect and care for their children, there is a danger of abuse.

The tree is known by its fruit and the fruit is rotten. Cut down the tree and shut the doors.

There are many, many Christians (including Catholic Christians) in the world who will continue to read and follow the Bible and live out daily a life that is caring, compassionate and refuses to ever participate in harming a child.

Shelly Hansen, West Richland