Letters to the Editor

Letter: Disgusted with biased media

How ironic that the TCH’s editorial regarding freedom of the press was fake news in (and) of itself. Obviously our country depends on freedom of the press. DUH! But we don’t have a free press. What we have is a biased, corrupt mainstream media trying to run our country with their liberal slant, outright lies, and omission of news. Just report the news and let our elected officials run the country.

CNN gives Clinton debate questions prior to the debate but no penalty. Press doesn’t care. No wonder no one watches it.

Dems rig an election against Sanders, and we’re worried about Russian interference. Corruption within the Democratic Party is a far more serious threat to our democracy and freedom but not a word from the press. These are known facts, not conjecture, but nobody is investigating it and Dems don’t seem to care. What’s up with that!

The TCH is obviously aware of the media’s bias and lies because they’re not stupid. The more disturbing question is why do they choose to ignore it? They must think it helps sell more papers (like the rest of the mainstream media) and they are more concerned about sales than truth. Sad, very sad!

Frederick Bond, Richland