Letters to the Editor

Letter: Impeachment only path forward?

I am deeply concerned about the well-being of my Republican brethren, a concern that could be easily allayed by the impeachment of Donald Trump. I know it seems counter-intuitive, but impeachment may be the only path forward that can realistically save the once great Republican Party. We have already established that for Republicans, Pence would be vastly preferable to Trump as a leader: the same ill-conceived, cruel, regressive policies without all the baggage. But think about the boost to Republican congressional representatives that impeachment would give in the upcoming election. Imagine all the sane people impeachment would put into play for Republicans in the midterms. Surely any objective cost-benefit analysis leads to only one conclusion: impeachment.

Can you envision all the registered voters someone like Dan Newhouse could fool into thinking he puts the good of the country ahead of party? Of course like Republican policy positions in general it would all be part of a long-con.

However, if the end of maintaining power justifies the means of gas-lighting a large segment of the electorate as seems to be the go-to Republican practice, impeachment would be a small price to pay to maintain control of the House. Think about it.

James Knobbs, Richland