Letters to the Editor

Letter: Richland not timely in notifying citizens

Richland recently failed to provide timely, legally required public notice on a State Environmental Policy Act “decision of non significance.” The ‘non significant” development allows up to 96 apartments and associated parking to be squeezed in against critically important wetlands in Amon Basin where birds, fish, otter, mink and beaver thrive.

Despite asserting that they do a good job informing the public (Bob Thompson), and that he’d work for more transparency (Ryan Lukson), during last year’s Richland council race, it still appears Richland is trying to slide stuff past residents.

They did eventually post a notice (outside the required timeframe) but only in two locations. The site, and the legal ads in this paper. (Do you read those?)

Other appropriate methods of notice for an issue with such potentially damaging impact to both habitat and the character of an existing neighborhood includes those suggested in WAC 197-11-510:

(c) Notifying public or private groups with a known interest - aka Willowbrook Homeowners.

(d) Notifying the news media.

(g) Mailing or emailing any person, group, or agency who has requested notice.

Richland should assume people who were interested once are still interested, and notify them as a matter of good public policy.

Ginger Wireman, Richland