Letters to the Editor

Letter: Ryan’s PAC got document illegally

Paul Ryan’s PAC illegally obtained an SF-86 National Security Form. The Postal Service acknowledged releasing it (”human error”) stating it was not released through the FOIA process. It is impossible under FOIA regulations to legally obtain this document. Its release is illegal.

It is not an application for employment; it is the first line of defense for the entire security system. It is a list of the jobs you had, places you worked, your relatives, your travel, your friends, foreign contacts, medical information, use (or not) of drugs or alcohol, and credit file information. This form is the basis for a full intrusive FBI background investigation and used to interview virtually every person you list. The completed form can run to 100+ pages of responses. This is the same form Jared Kushner had to complete several times for failing to provide all foreign contacts as required.

It is very telling that nothing in it caused the Postal Service or the CIA to refuse employment, yet Paul Ryan’s PAC has used the stolen information to launch a campaign of innuendos against a dedicated public servant, a former CIA officer.

Watergate and DNC computer hacks. Now this. Does the GOP never learn?

Richard Reuther