Letters to the Editor

Letter: We are drowning in hate, stupidity

Extra-Extra, read all about it. Yesterday, we read an article jabbing Trump about his relationship with McCain. Today, we see a picture of Obama and George Bush pictured with an article favorable to McCain. And playing even more politics over a deceased individual (simply disgusting behavior), an Arizona Republican candidate is smeared in the news regarding her comments on McCain. Recently, I read an editorial suggesting that we vote strictly for Democrats because a vote for a Republican is a vote for Trump.

I suggest a different approach. Vote a straight ticket for Independents and rid America of the whole lot of the overpaid, self-centered, bigoted children in Congress who are running our country into the ground. Desperate measures for desperate times.

Don’t know about you, but I’m sick of the entire swamp- we are drowning in hate and stupidity.

Kurt Lewis, Richland