Letters to the Editor

Letter: Fake news: an act of desperate nation

Recent news media that participated in editorials defending the right to a free press may already be too late.

Consider that Americans are being told hourly what is ‘real’ and what is ‘fake’. You, as readers, no longer decide, you are ‘informed’ and therefore you do not have to decide for yourself. Sounds like some form of freedom has already been taken from you.

If a candidate runs, and lays out a platform, once elected, if he tells you he did the things he ran on, are you available to watch and check on him? He now has a distinguished title, must you believe him? Does his title take the place of facts? A free press is supposed to provide this service to the nation. When they are reporting news, they are doing a job. Someone telling you what is ‘fake’ is someone doing the job of the writer and doing your job. Neither of you need that.

Don’t be tempted to fall into the morass of name calling, thus being distracted from the real issue. An assault on the freedom to report the news is the act of a desperate nation, not a great one.

Ron Buckland, Pasco