Letters to the Editor

Letter: This is why I left Republican Party

At 61, I have been a voting Republican my whole life. I remember the Republicans’ argument to impeach Clinton. “… a man’s personal life can not be separated from his presidency.” Now I watch while the Republicans defend a morally and socially corrupt president. Not just for one offense, but many. They cheer his bigotry and laugh with him as he insults people and nations. They seem to believe everything he says no matter how mean-spirited, immoral or untrue.

This is why I have abandoned the Republican Party. My dislike for Trump has grown into disdain over his year in office. I read his tweets rather than relying on the news media alone. I have investigated his claims and listened to his words. He is not a president to all Americans; he lies or distorts the truth on a daily bases, belittles and insults anyone who disagrees with him, but rarely speaks out against the greatest threats to our nation.

I am voting for Christine Brown in November. Our system needs the checks and balances of two or more competing parties. Especially when the Republican Party has truly become Trump’s party. When citizens feel helpless, voting is one power we still control … hopefully.

Kathleen Hooks, Pasco