Letters to the Editor

Letter: 17 minutes too long

Seventeen minutes is too long to wait in an emergency! When your loved one needs an ambulance or your house on fire, even five minutes feels like an eternity. Benton County Fire Protection District #4 (BCFD4) covers 52 sq. miles, including our community and members in the westernmost parts of our service area. Currently, it can take almost 17 minutes for an emergency response to a call for help.

Since 2010, emergency call volume in BCFD4 has increased by 63 percent. The population of West Richland has increased almost 25 percent, and by 30 percent in the unincorporated areas of the district.

Forty years ago the community agreed to build Fire Station 410 on Harrington Road. Explosive population growth called for constructing and equipping Station 420 on Bombing Range Road over 20 years ago.

Funds from a 20-year bond will provide for land within a mile of Leona Libby Middle School and timely, life-saving responses to the western portion of our community. The entire district benefits because more emergency vehicles will be available to respond and provide back up when there are multiple emergencies. Please vote YES on the bond measure.

Ed Keeney, West Richland