Letters to the Editor

Letter: I-732 fights climate change

Everyone who supports the nuclear power industry in Washington should vote for Initiative 732. It encourages a faster transition from gas-powered to electric vehicles by placing a revenue-neutral carbon tax on fossil fuels. If the rest of the country follows our lead, hundreds of gigawatts of new generation capacity will be needed to charge up all the new electric cars that will be hitting the roads across the USA.

Nuclear power is a low-carbon technology that can be widely deployed today to meet our baseload electricity needs well into the future. We can meet that need by manufacturing small modular reactors here in the Tri-Cities, an idea championed by local leaders across the political spectrum from State Sen. Sharon Brown to the Plumbers and Steamfitters Union Local 598.

I-732 has support from Republicans and Democrats alike because it fights climate change without burdening our economy. It offsets the carbon tax by cutting the sales tax by one percentage point, which will make all of those new electric cars even cheaper to buy. Besides, electric cars are a blast to drive; my Chevy Volt is faster off the line than the ’64 GTO that I drove in high school ever was!

Jim Collett, Richland