Letters to the Editor

Letter: Rep. Haler listens to the people

I am writing to request that people vote for Larry Haler in the upcoming election. I have known Mr. Haler for many years. I have found him to be honest, trustworthy, and someone who listens to the people.

For several years, I did not bother Mr. Haler with any political agenda I may or may not have had. Then the day came when there was a big push that would have negatively affected my job, and the people I worked with. I asked Mr. Haler to step up to the plate and quash that push. He did. And he did it despite displeasing those in the political arena around him.

He supported local interests even when it went against his own political party. He supported the people who asked for and needed his help.

Vote for Larry Haler, experience working with people.

John E. Huebner, Richland