Letters to the Editor

Letter: I-732 a moderate choice

I am surprised the TCH opposes I-732, since I have found it to be the voice of moderation in the Tri-Cities.

Because I-732 is revenue-neutral within the uncertainty of anyone’s ability to predict the state budget, it is a solution to climate change that will not expand or contract government in a significant way, will not hurt the state economy, and yet provides a much more comprehensive way of reducing carbon emissions from Washington state. It is a far better solution to climate change than Gov. Inslee’s Clean Air Rule, and it even reduces the regressive nature of our state tax system.

I applaud the TCH for recognizing the importance of addressing climate change, but why reject a solution because it is not the perfect solution to climate change? There will always be people who will claim any solution is unfair. Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good. Vote for a moderate’s solution to climate change.

Jane Fox, Pasco