Letters to the Editor

Letter: Hanford companies deny health hazards and continue to make workers sick

Every day I wake up not being able to breathe. Every day. The company I worked for, the people who run WRPS and DOE, do not care. They continue to deny the health hazards and continue to make workers sick.

My exposure to chemicals at the Hanford tank farms ruined my life. I believed that the people I worked for cared for my safety and health. I was wrong. When they told us we were safe, I believed them.

I trusted the people I worked for. We were constantly told how safe it was through training, pre-jobs, classes and daily reports. The narrative was always the same — no one ever gets sick from the chemical exposures. Everyone is cleared to return to work when they do get exposed. None of the training we received about chemical vapors talked about workers getting sick. Instead, just the opposite.

Not only are we lied to about being exposed to chemicals on a daily basis, but the company also goes out of its way to make us believe everything is fine. The program is designed to make the worker feel safe, not actually be safe. To protect the workers would cost too much money.

Seth Ellingsworth, West Richland