Letters to the Editor

Letter: Vote for Initiative 732 for secure jobs, fairer taxes and clean energy

I agree with Umek and Bosse (“Carbon tax proposal wrong approach for state,” TCH Aug. 14) that incentives are the best way to reduce carbon emissions to limit climate change. By putting a tax on carbon, I-732 will create an incentive to expedite the transition from the deadly and dying fossil fuel industry to renewable, clean sources of energy. Homegrown renewable energy, such as solar, wind, hydro and nuclear, puts us at a competitive advantage, now and especially in the future.

The carbon tax would be offset by a reduction in sales tax — a regressive tax which hurts lower-income people more. A sales tax reduction, along with a working families rebate, would result in more disposable income and create an incentive to spend more on Washington goods and services, opposed to imported fossil fuels. I-732, written by an economist, also reduces the business and occupation tax on manufacturing, keeping good jobs in Washington.

Time is running out to protect our children and grandchildren from the worst impacts of climate change. I -732 is the only proposal available for Washington voters to take action now; we may not get another chance for years. Vote for I-732 for secure jobs, fairer taxes and cleaner energy!

Lora Rathbone, Richland