Here’s our election half-time report

The Tri-City Herald editorial board is about halfway through its  recommendations for the Nov. 6 election.
The Tri-City Herald editorial board is about halfway through its recommendations for the Nov. 6 election. Tri-City Herald file

For the past several weeks, the Tri-City Herald opinion section has been devoted to the Nov. 6 election.

We have interviewed candidates and met with representatives from both the “pro” and “con” side of state initiatives. As of today, we have weighed in on ten candidate races and one ballot measure, and we thought we’d give readers a half-time summary of our recommendations so far.

To go beyond the list, online readers can just click on the race or ballot measure you are interested in and a link should take you to the editorial explaining our position.

For our print readers, you first will have to go to the Tri-City Herald website and find this particular editorial under the opinion tab. Then click away.

We encourage people to read the full analysis. Our recommendations are not meant to tell people how to vote. Rather, they are another resource voters can use as they conduct their own research on candidates and issues.

And remember, this is only a partial list.

Over the next couple of weeks, we plan to publish our recommendations for the Benton and Franklin County commissions, the state Senate, the two House races in the 9th Legislative District, three more statewide ballot measures, and a levy request by Franklin County Fire District 3.

On another note, we have been inundated with election letters and there is a significant backlog.

Our policy is that any letter about a candidate or ballot measure must be received no later than seven days before Election Day.

That means our letters deadline is Oct. 30. We will do our best to get as many letters published in our print edition as possible, but it is possible many letters will appear only online. As a reminder, Letters to the Editor must be limited to 200 words.

Our election half-time report:


4th District, Congress – Dan Newhouse (R)


8thDistrict, Senate – Sharon Brown (R)

8thDistrict, House position 1 – Shir Regev (D)

8thDistrict, House position 2 – Matt Boehnke (R)

16thDistrict, House position 1 – Everett Maroon (D)

16thDistrict, House position 2 – Rebecca Francik (D)


FranklinCounty Coroner – Dan Blasdel (R)

FranklinCounty Auditor – Matt Beaton (R)

FranklinCounty Clerk – Michael Killian (R)


Benton County Coroner – William “Bill” Leach (R)


I-1631, carbon fee – No