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City of Richland: Keeping pace with steady growth

Construction of the Duportail Bridge continues to progress.
Construction of the Duportail Bridge continues to progress. Courtesy City of Richland

The City of Richland, with its estimated population exceeding 57,000, continues to see new development and growth with new housing, additional infrastructure and improved transportation networks throughout our entire community.

City government utilizes short- and long-term planning processes to forecast and strategize for the future. In 2018, the City Council finalized its 5-year strategic plan, which will help guide decisions for the future of our community. Citizens help drive these efforts by participating in public meetings, surveys, and communications with staff and the council. Currently, the city is updating its Parks & Recreation Master Plan. This new plan will establish a vision for the park system and provide guidance for parks, trails, recreation facilities and program needs through 2025.

2019 is a significant year for our residents as we complete and open the doors to a new City Hall. This historic effort combines three aging facilities under one roof and allows for a “one-stop shop” for residents. This new building will also assist in improved communication, efficiency and safety for employees. Once vacated, the adjacent 60-year old City Hall and Annex Buildings will be demolished, making way for prime real estate development opportunities in central Richland near the waterfront.

Construction of the Duportail Bridge continues to progress. The bridge will improve connectivity to the booming development of south Richland. In addition, investment in street improvements, including the completion of upgrades to the Queensgate corridor, and current updates along the Swift corridor, will continue to safely link residents to all quadrants of our city. Improved pedestrian and bicycle treatments will help residents and visitors explore and enjoy our city’s core assets and enhance the quality of life for our citizens.

In central and east Richland, 2019 will bring improved travel on George Washington Way, with the resurfacing of over 4 miles of roadway, as far north as Horn Rapids Road. Additional improvements include improved traffic signals, sidewalks and roadside landscaping at key spots along the street.

Richland Energy Services continues to forecast for growth and commit to providing reliable electric service for our citizens. With the addition of the Leslie Road Substation and other electrical infrastructure, citizens are afforded some of the most cost effective and reliable electricity in our state.

John Dam Plaza and the HAPO Community Stage in central Richland continue to attract more community activities and events each year. In 2018, 42 events were held, including city-sponsored, co-sponsored and private rentals. These events drew approximately 51,200 attendees. The year ended with the Winter Wonderland and the Festival of Lights, an amazing holiday experience of lights, music, activities and more!

In north Richland, interest in the Horn Rapids Business Center, Industrial Park and Commercial Center has increased and is expected to remain strong through 2019. At the end of 2018, there were eight land sales completed, totaling over $600,000. There are another 10 sales pending totaling almost $5 million, which are expected to close in 2019. New housing in nearby Horn Rapids is also on an uptick with another phase of development taking place.

South Richland’s Lorayne J neighborhood along Leslie Road will be absorbed into City Services through annexation. This will transfer an additional 121 homes into Richland’s service area. The Badger Mountain South housing community is also growing, with a large number of new homes being constructed.

This is an exciting time in Richland! Our community continues to grow and evolve. Again, the City of Richland is committed to pursuing opportunities for economic growth and development; enhancements in safety and community connectivity; providing robust community amenities, encouraging community engagement and protecting our citizens’ exceptional quality of life. We are also committed to identifying and learning from opportunities and challenges as they arise.

We encourage our citizens to stay involved and informed. Our website is an excellent resource. Visit us at for up-to-date information on city news and events. Follow us on social media for additional information regarding upcoming events and initiatives.

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