Progress Edition

Lourdes Health: Change doesn’t alter commitment to service

Nurses in training.
Nurses in training. Courtesy Lourdes Health

2018 was a year of significant change for Lourdes Health. In September, our transition to Regional Care Capella Health (RCCH) was complete. In November, RCCH and LifePoint Health of Brentwood, Tenn., merged. Lourdes Health and Trios in Kennewick are now part of LifePoint’s network of regional health systems, physician practices, outpatient centers and post-acute facilities in more than 85 U.S. communities.

Celebrating Lourdes’ Mission - Past, Present and Future

LifePoint Health and Lourdes are working closely with Bishop Thomas Daly of Spokane to ensure the continuation of our century-old mission established by the Sisters of St Joseph’s Carondelet. Our associates remain dedicated to the Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care and will continue to respond to the community’s health care needs with compassion and a Christian spirit.

This spring, Lourdes will host a community celebration of our century-old mission. The event will honor the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet (CSJ) for their role in establishing Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in 1916, and for their dedication to the development of Catholic education programs at Tri-City Prep, St. Joseph and St. Patrick Schools. The event will be an opportunity for the community to bid farewell to Sister Esther Polacci, Lourdes VP of Mission, who retired after 20 years at the end March, and Sister Mary Williams, former board member, who has served Lourdes for 16 years. They will be moving to the CSJ Motherhouse in Los Angeles, Calif., after the closing of their convent in Pasco.

Our Continued Commitment to Quality

This year marked the fourth year in a row, Lourdes has been named among the top 100 hospitals in the nation for Orthopedic Surgery by The online resource for physicians and hospitals also gave Lourdes 5 of 5 stars for Knee Replacement, Hip Fracture Treatment, Hip Replacement and Spinal surgery.

In 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018, Lourdes Pediatrics was awarded the gold standard for childhood immunizations. To achieve this we’ve ensured that at least 80 percent of our young patients are up to date on their immunizations protecting them from preventable illness. This includes the highly contagious measles virus that made a quite a comeback in our region this winter.

Making it Easier for Patients to Stay Healthy

Our ambition is to make our patients’ health care journey as easy and convenient as possible. That’s why we’ve upgraded our patient portals giving patients simple, 24/7, access to their visit notes, lab results, medication lists and more.

And we’ve completed the integration of our primary care and behavioral health services. Mental illness is no different than diabetes and it’s treatable. That’s why we’ve positioned a behavioral health specialist in our primary care offices. If screenings indicate a need, behavioral treatment plans are available at that appointment. Likewise, our patients at Lourdes Counseling Center now have access to a primary care provider during their visits.

In 2018, we focused on finding new, more efficient ways for patients to access the mental health care they need, when they need it. This, along with a grant awarded to Lourdes, was the impetus for Lourdes’ new Behavioral Health Mobile Outreach Program. The program partners Lourdes mental health professionals (MHPs) with law enforcement. These MHPs are able to respond directly to individuals in crisis while out on patrol and also follow up with clients on the streets who may need help with resource availability. The program has earned accolades from area law enforcement, city officials and community members since its inception in 2018.

In the year to come, we’ll be working closely with Trios to expand the number of primary care providers and recruit the specialists this community needs. The landscape of health care is always evolving; however, our community can count on quality care, great customer service and easy access to remain at the core of all we do.