Candidate questionnaire: Gene A. Huffman, Kennewick Irrigation District

Gene Huffman
Gene Huffman

Name: Gene A. Huffman

District: Kennewick Irrigation District, Position 5

Why are you running?

I am running to represent both the agriculture and urban areas. There are a lot of moving parts in getting water to all ratepayers and I have the experience in both the urban and agricultural areas, of which I have personally experienced each of their needs. I feel I could understand and best meet their needs in getting water to them.

What is your experience?

I have an educational background in agriculture and owned and operated a farm raising apples, alfalfa, and onions. Presently I am a KID ratepayer for four pieces of urban property.

If elected, what changes would you plan to make?

We have good leadership in management, a cooperative staff, and hardworking employees, as well as a proactive board of directors and the cooperation of the ratepayers this past summer during the worst declared drought year. I feel KID will continue in the right direction to serve the irrigation needs of both the agricultural and urban ratepayers. There are always changes happening as needs come to our attention, that we have to attend to, and as we progress through each year.