Five file write-in candidacies in Benton and Franklin counties

Those who aren’t satisfied with the choices on the Nov. 3 ballots in Benton and Franklin counties will have a few write-in candidates to consider.

Deb Brumley is a write-in candidate for Pos. 7 on the Prosser City Council. Humberto Rodriguez was the only person to file for the seat, now held by Scott Hamilton.

Benton City Councilwoman Connie Meredith is seeking to stay on the council, but is running as a write-in. She faces Vanessa Coates and Joseph Chapin Jr. in the Pos. 4 election.

Judy Lear filed as a write-in in the Plymouth Water District against M. Lynn Sloan. Sloan, who was running as a write-in at the time, defeated Lear 40-39 in 2013.

In Franklin County, retired Pasco School District teacher Kathleen Barton is running as a write-in candidate against incumbent board member Scott Lehrman.

Michael Robitaille is running a write-in candidate for the Pos. 6 council position in Kahlotus, challenging Councilwoman Shirley Ayers. Robitaille ran unsuccessfully for council in 2013. His mother, Marcia Robitaille, is on the ballot for Pos. 5 on the council.