Updated: 2019 Mid-Columbia primary election roundup

People living in the Badger Canyon area apparently won’t get a new fire station but two fire levies in the Mid-Columbia will continue emergency services to areas of Benton County.

Tuesday’s primary also narrowed the field of candidates running for local school boards and city councils,

Election results have been updated to reflect ballots counted on Wednesday.

The top two finishers in the contested races will advance to the Nov. 5 general election.

In nonpartisan elections like this one, the primary ballot features only those races with three or more candidates. In partisan years when party politics are in play, the primary ballot includes all races regardless of how many candidates are running.

Kennewick School Board

Pos. 3: Incumbent Ron Mabry, will apparently face challenger Wende Carlisle, with 3,835 votes to 2,199, or 50 percent to nearly 30 percent. A third candidate, Tony M. Ashtonm received, 1,568 votes or about 21 percent.

Pos. 4: Michael Connors will face James Langford with 3,338 votes to 2,175, or 46 percent to 30 percent. The third candidate, David Chumney, received 1,700 votes or about 23 percent.

Pos. 5: Diane Sundvik will apparently face Patrick “Pat” Mastaler, with 4,227 votes to 2,031, or 57 percent to 27 percent. The third candidate, Frank Cowing, received 1,177 votes or about 16 percent.

Richland School Board

Pos. 4: Kari Williams will apparently face Jay Clough with 3,190 votes to 2,658, or 37 percent to 31 percent. The other two candidates were Ron Higgins, who received 2,180 votes, and Lloyd Becker, who received 476.

Pos. 5: Jill M. Oldson will apparently face Rama Devagupta, with 3,326 votes to 2,726, or 39 percent to 32 percent. The third candidate, Lori Wasner, received 2,369 votes or 28 percent.

Benton City Council

Pos. 3: Ashley Morrison will face John Derderian, with 124 votes to 117, or 45 percent to 43.5 percent. A third candidate, Manny Quintero, received 29 votes or about 11 percent.

Benton Fire District 1

Pos. 3: David Jenkins will apparently face Scott Carpenter with 707 votes to 444, or 45 percent to 28 percent. The third candidate, John Christenson, received 389 votes, or 25 percent.

Levies and bonds

Benton County Fire District 1

A $3 million bond for a new fire station was failing with 1,033 yes votes to 924 no votes, or 53 percent to 47 percent. It needs 60 percent to pass.

The money would have paid to expand the station at Badger Canyon Road. The addition would have let firefighters live in the station, and replaced an aging fire truck.

The bond would have added 10 cents per $1,000 of assessed value to next year’s property tax. People living in the area won’t see a change in their property taxes because of it would have replaced two other bonds that have finished in the past few years.

In a second measure, voters approved, a $1.50 per $1,000 of assessed value six-year levy to replace an existing levy.

By Wednesday, the measure had 1,125 yes votes and 912 no votes, or 55 percent to 45 percent. The measure needs 50 percent approval to pass.

West Benton Fire Rescue

Voters are approving increasing the amount of money West Benton Fire Rescue gets.

As of Wednesday, 926 voters said yes and 849 said no, or nearly 52 percent to 48 percent, on the $1.30 per $1,000 assessed value levy.

The measure needed 50 percent approval because it is a new tax.

The increase would allow the department to allow them to staff their fire station all day, every day, increase staffing and help pay for new equipment.